My Conservative Wife


I love my wife. I love her dearly. She is everything to me – my wife and best friend.  

She loves ice cream. She loves massages. She loves money and big expensive houses. She has dreams of retiring one day and seeing our children grow up. We just want to be happy – whilst we have our time here on this planet.  

I want her to be happy, I know she loves sex.   But with a very traditional asian upbringing, it’s kept low key. It’s not nice for her to seduce a man. It’s not proper to go out and dress super skimpy and buy drinks for other male friends and colleagues.   Well I don’t personally care.  

I know she wants it.   She loves sex, I know it, as she moans and becomes ‘possessed’ once all her clothes are off and we are into our foreplay.   Caress her inner thighs and brush her nipples and she is instantly switched on.   Run your hands around her neck and she will arch back expecting  pleasure – like a cat. Purring…..   And we I am ‘screw driving her hard’ she wants it harder (I found that scary at first – no kidding!)…and when I run my hands around her face and neck – she wants me to choke her…. (into S&M??? no way – no way – or can she?). And when she has at this stage – I know she has not agreed to multiple partners yet – but I am sure with some alcohol and lost inhibitions, we could be there. I know that myself, even after I have given her multiple ******* and she is gasping in pleasure and out of breath and I am all ‘spent’… she still wants more….  

I just wish she would ditched her traditional conservative up bringing and values system – and just let it be. Take what you crave, be a sex maniac. No need to play prim and proper.      

Wonker Wonker
36-40, M
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mmm hope you are having luck fulfilling your fantasies your wife is gorgeous and any man would be lucky to share her with you

I'm with Notaclue.. your wife is a fox!

I have an Asian wife and I feel the same. I'm being very patient, and hoping she'd become more and more slutlike :-) Honestly, I'm seeing small results... So I'm pretty happy for now.

i have asian girlfriend too and soon will be wife, the situation are just the same, i do openly talk to her to open up her mind, but she just can not accept it, we do enjoying sex just like you and your wife. i felt she so hot when she manage to talk about some dream about flirting with other man but she said she really turn off every time i mention about this, for me (maybe for all man that open minded) will think our partner are so sexy and attractive when they open up their mind and not conservative, any one agreed with me?

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"If that is your wife in your avatar ...she is beautiful!!"<br />
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Yes my avartar is a pic of my wife - and thanks for the compliments!

I have an Asian lady that is so much like you describe in your story, only a bit older. She came to this country as a teenager and was raised very conservative, religious and very modest. Even saying that, in our bed she goes wild with sex and can outlast me all the time. She still will not agree to openly engage in any kind of kinky activity around other men, but with a little wine or her being not in control completely, she let herself go a bit. Sometimes she will ask me later things like, do you think he saw me? OR did I really act that way? If your wife is anything like mine, she will never act like a **** but she still will be lots of fun.

If that is your wife in your avatar ...she is beautiful!!

Man you are so lucky, there are so many guys who would like to have the wife you have! Appreciate the wonder of what you have - a really hot lady who just enjoys sex with you immensely - honor her, don't pressure her.

Very well said!!! I know the prim and proper type so well.. and know hidden beneath is something far more..<br />
Like you I want to discover that...