Several Have Fondled My Wife's Breasts.

Fondling my wife's breasts has become a common occurrence in our home, particularly in our hot tub.

When home from school, a young unmarried neighbor often brings rented DVDs over to watch with us. He typically sits between us on our couch or, sometimes, on the floor behind a coffee table and puts an arm around her shoulders. His hand slips down under her blouse or pajama top.

As the show goes on, he unbuttons or removes the top and nurses each breast. At the end of the movie, they retire to our master bedroom where they **** for hours.

When away at school, they're frequently on the phone and exchanging emails, along with pics to keep each other up on what they're doing.

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3 Responses Jan 1, 2010

Hot, but who takes care of you?

I could never handle that type of relationship

Lucky -lucky you!