Asked wife if she wanted to be ****** by my 9inch friend, asked him if he wanted to **** my wife, both said yes so it's in the planning stage.I can't wait for her to get her first new **** in 16 years, I think she's still hot hot hot, after her first new **** I'm hoping my m8 shares her for a long time, whether it's when he comes around or if she just visits him and he ***** her in his bed.i would like to regularly bring home new friends that she will let them take her upstairs to **** her how they want and always let them *** fill her *****.I would like to share her with many men, I want her to be regularly shared and ****** by maybe 5or 6 men , that would probably mean being ****** by different guys 5 or 6 times a week , just got to get her to want that too.
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Once they take that initial step, Its all downhill.

Well, she certainly is a babe-unit.... you'll have no trouble finding willing men to satisfy her needs, that's for sure.