Young Wife Turned Into A **** After Forced ********

We started off by getting into swinging. It was my husband’s ideal to open up our marriage. I was only 16 years old when we married and just turned 18 years old when attending my first swinging party. During our first party, my husband and I went to the bed room with another couple, my husband and the other girl got done and returned to the party before me and my man. After my husband left, we continued to **** on the king size bed. Before I knew what was taken place the room filled with men I had never seen. When the man I was ******* was done he got up and returned to the party. Before I could get off the bed there were three other men were on the bed to take his place. One man was ******* my *****, while a 2nd ****** my face. The 3rd man jacked off on my face. In the mean time the room had continued to fill with strange men watching the show. By the time the night was over I had been used by 18 to 20 men, only one of which I knew his name. I went to the party a fresh young wife; I departed a used **** wife. I told my husband about my night after we got back to our hotel room. He got hard again and ended up ******* me after eating my sore ***** for a long time. That night got me started on my life as a hot wife. Over the years as my sex drive goes up, my husbands goes down. My husband is not able to keep me satisfied now that the fire has started burning. I will share our story. My husband is now my cuckold, mainly confined to eating my ***** after I come home from dates with other men I met at bars or online.

My husband & I had been in swinging just a few months when we met another couple named Jim & Barber. After just a couple of times getting with them it became clear that my husband and Barber just were not attracted to each other. Jim & I however had very hot sex. My husband and Barber would hang out, watch TV, etc. while Jim & I would **** the weekend away many times. We saw them about ever other weekend.

I worked in a local bar as a waitress, while my husband completed college. We only had one car, so he would normally drop me of at work, go to class or the library and come and pick me up when my shift was over (normally between 1 & 2 AM). He dropped me off at work one night and went off to class. The bar was very slow that night, so the manager said one of the waitresses could take off early. I volunteered to take off. This was before cell phones were so common, so I could not get my husband on the phone. I called Jim for a ride home, and I had a few drinks before he arrived. Jim was glad to pick me up from work. He worked for the utility company, and was driving one of their trucks. He asked if I would mind stopping off at his work site, so he could pick up his personal car. I said no problem.
The utility company warehouse was in a dark out of the part of town. When we got there he had to unlock & relock the gate so we could drive inside the fence. After we go inside, and he locked the gate Jim let me know that he wanted to **** me. I told him I was not in the mood at that, maybe later after we got to my apt. I explained that my husband & I made an agreement upon getting into swinging; we would only party together, and not have sex with other people along. Well Jim had been forceful when we ****** in the past (i.e. holding my hands behind my back, ******* my face, spanking my ***, pinching my nipples, etc.) I had enjoyed the forceful sessions and he knew it. He started taking the forceful role that night. I am not sure what it was, maybe the drinks I had at the bar, but I stated playing along with him. Before I knew it, I was out of my little waitress outfit ******* and giving Jim a ******* in his truck in that dark locked parking lot. He ****** me, pumping *** into my **** and again in my mouth.
I told Jim that I needed to get cleaned up and dressed so I could make it home before my husband got home. I had called and left a message from the bar that there would be no need to pick me up because a friend would take me home. I did not say when I expected to be home.
Jim told me that I could use the bathroom inside the warehouse to clean up & dress. Since that parking lot was dark and locked, I did not get dress, but just carried my clothing with me. When we got inside I was surprised to find there were 6 men (Jim's co-workers) in the warehouse, Jim grabbed my clothing from my hands as I stepped in the door. The men seem to have been expecting us. It turned out Jim called them before coming to the bar to pick me up. He told them he had ****** me many times and I would **** anybody he told me to. The men had been watching Jim & I **** via a security system that cover the part the parking lot we parked in.
I told Jim that I needed to get home and that my husband would be upset if I was "swinging" without him. He reminded me that we had already crossed that point, and if I went along with the party, no one would have to know about it. I tried to kiss on Jim, thinking that if I got him hot again, he would just **** me again and take me home. It did not work out that way. While I trying to get his **** hard, two of the men pick me up, and placed me on a big work table. My hands and feet we tied to each end. My ***** was fully exposed and leaking Jim's ***. During the next three hours these 6 men ****** my *****, ***, and mouth. After each of them dumped 2 loads of *** in me I start to relax. I knew they were drained of *** and some of them had work they had to do before their shift ended. What I did not know, there were 4 new men coming back from a job they completed. Those men used me for the next 2 hours. I was untied sometime during those two hours. I did not know until later that Jim had taken photos of the ********. The photos I saw were made without me being tied. It looked like I was doing this of my own free will. After I got home, about 5 AM, my husband asks where I had been? He knew the bar closed a 2AM. I told him that I met a man at the bar and we ****** in his room after a few too many drinks. I told him that I enjoy myself and would like to do it again from time to time. I did not tell him that the man was Jim and that I had been "raped" by him and the other 10 men. Another rule we set for our was not "doing" people we know and not "doing" a half of a couple along (if we know them). It worked out good telling him that I had willing ****** a stranger without him. He got hard and we ended up *******. This started us in the cuckold life style (before I ever knew the word).
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fantastic wife!

wow. What else can I say?

If your ever round my way like to use you with some friends thks

Great story indeed! You're just what I want my wife to become. Thanks for sharing

hot tale... wish I could eaten that ***** to warm you up ... then again to clean you up.

wow that story got my **** rock hard please add me

My current wife had a gang bang but she does not remember how many. It was 6 or maybe 8 guys. Seems to me you'd recall how many ***** were ******* you. She says it just felt good. So she jusy pumped her *** as each guy climbed on and slid in.

I was young (16 years old) when we got married. My husband was the old man I had ****** before he talked me into going to a swinging party when I was 18 years old. He wanted to be able to **** other woman and all I wanted was to please him. I was very happy being a good and faithful wife and never though about ******* other men before he starting talking about “swinging”. I did not want my husband to be unhappy or risk losing him so I agreed to try swinging. This result in me being ganged raped two time in less than one year. I was only 18 years old at the time of both rapes. All of the men that used me for their pleasure were in their 30s and 40s and wanted me a their play-thing for a few minutes of pleasure. They did not care about me or what I wanted. When my husband learned of the first rape he did nothing except lick my ***** clean and ask for more details as he later ****** me. I did not tell him about the 2nd rape for many months. I had mixed feels about him taking so much pleasure from his wife forcefully used by strangers. I withheld that pleasure from him at the time. I did change my behavior after the 2nd rape. My husband had a faithful wife that would have (and did) do anything for him that he asked. He did not want a faithful wife, so I gave him what he wanted. I could never go back to being a “good girl”; so I made up my mind to be good a being a **** and a *****. <br />
<br />
I worked at hotel lounge that mainly had older out of town business men as customers. I was too young to drink in the bar, but was old enough to server and take care of these men, and that is what I did. I worked nights until the bar closed at 2AM. My husband had early classes, so he was always in bed before I got him. Each night after work I would **** one or more men before going home to my husband. Most of the time I would go to the mans room after work. There were nights that I would **** two or three men at a time if the man I wanted was traveling with coworkers or buddies. There were a few nights I picked up young college guys near my own age. They normally did not have a room, so I would **** them or give them a ******* in the parking lot. <br />
<br />
They first few I did this, I did not tell my husband what I had been doing. Many nights after I slid into bed with him, I would kiss on him and push his head down to my ***** where he would start licking and sucking the wet juices out of me before he woke up. I gave me great pleasure and a sense of power knowing that he was unknowingly eating the combines juices of my ***** and one or more stranger he would never meet. He wanted a **** for a wife. That is what he got.