Pulling A Train

I watched my girlfriend pull a train of ten men in the group room at a swing party. A very exciting memory! Afterwards, I had her to myself.

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5 Responses Nov 3, 2009

We are swingers and have been to lots of house parties where she had sex with 3 to 5 guys during the evening. Some I got to see! Very exciting!

My wife once hads 8 guys, at 19.tears of age. Strted out with one in a car with 3 guys, and they ment another car and she ended up getting 8 ***** cuming in her. No one used a rubber and she was not on the pill. Just 8 guys pumping her ***** full of ***. Changed her life forever. Does like ****, a real sicko this girl.

Before we met, my wife once pulled a train with five guys. Wish I could have been there.

cool story great girlfriend..

Yes, she went bareback and it was amazing. We woke up so horny the next day she wanted to do it again, so we called a few guys we knew and met at a motel.