Surprise! Honey

My wife and I had been swinging for some time and would get high very often.  We hung around in a few select bars and made a number of 'friends' during that period.  The friends from one bar knew nothing of the friends at the others.  This seemed to be a reasonably good source of men for ********** which my wife and I liked.  She was always inclined  toward MMF sex than MFMF since she liked the pleasure of multiple ***** without sharing them with anyone else plus she seemed quite jealous of my attentions with any other ladies.  She loved being watched having sex and liked me to watch other guys ******* her in particular because it would always give me a rip-roaring hard-on.  She would look at me while she was getting humped and utter dirty talk sometimes. Sometimes she would look at me and lick her lips exaggeratingly and utter things to her partner like she loved to **** and would he *** on her face when he was ready which would further arouse him to some rather pleasant heavy thrusting.  She blew my mind one nite when after my ******* her and our partner taking his turn, she turned to me and uttered, "Next?" There were a couple other times when we invited two of our friends to join and had a great time.  When it came to sex, it seemed like "anything goes" as long it was pleasurable both physically and mentally. 

We used to go to a motel sometimes just to get away from the family and have some time alone.  It was on one such occasion that turned out to be most exciting.  After some very careful planning and arrangements with a group of our friends, unbeknownst to her, we went to a motel in the early evening and started to play.  I loosely tied her hands and feet spreadeagling her to the four corners of the bed using her silk scarfs after we got good and high.  I was very aroused to say the least and started working her over with my mouth and tongue and hands, touching, feeling and licking.  I made her *** and then laid next to her and teased her a little, talking about gang-banging and wondering what she'd do while I nosed her armpit.  She was very high and still horny and the armpit thing was sensitising her.  About that time there was a knock on the door and she tensed up.  I pulled a sheet over her while she asked me not to answer which I did anyway.  I opened the door and in came 5 of our friends.  She nervously asked what was going on.  We'd had sex with each of these guys before as MMF.  Ignoring her, they all said hi and stared at her.  I'm sure she was really nervous now and felt like a fish in a bowl.  I guess she was and all the fishermen were there with their poles.

They all went over to the bed and without saying anything beyond a 'hey sweet', started touching her and removing the sheet.  My wife is a rather beautiful woman, tall (5'8") and shapely to a fault and there she was, naked.  They didn't waste any time either and started feeling her up any and everywhere, caressing her face, stroking her toes and rubbing her feet, touching and feeling.  She had ten hands all over her groping. It was not only exciting for her but visually stimulating to me.  I don't know whether I was enjoying this more or she was.  After working her over for a while, 5 of them, mind you, with me being the sixth, they started taking turns ******* her ***** with one while another straddled her shoulders with his **** in her mouth and another two on either side of the head of the bed with their ***** in her hands.  Finally they released her hands and feet and then she really began to get into it more fervently.  Everyone was taking turns doing her.  The best part was when one was ******* her in the *** with another in her *****, two in her mouth and one in each hand.  She was very busy enjoying herself.  This went on for about 2 or 3 hours until everyone had enough and left.  She'd never had this experience before and now was teasing me for more, wanting to do it again.  She told me it was the most intense pleasure she'd ever had and that she'd had multiple ******* and had a great time.  What a 'hotwife', I can't do her enough.

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never really gave it much thought to be honest, our experiences were so hot but yes, they would all *** in her **** and her mouth/face and yes I did suck on her **** (I always made her *** with my mouth). Didn't think about *** in her just what she looked like with a **** in her. Got a ***** just thinking about it now, guess I'll go bother her...