Want Her Ganged

How many should be in the gang any recomendations

pops041 pops041
46-50, M
2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

For the first time I would say 3 including yourself. You could add a couple more if you have another couple then the magic number would be 5 or 6 counting yourself. My wife can ****, suck and even use her hands but really she prefers two at a time and with one waiting to fill her as the previous one **** while she sucks to prep another. Hope that helps

I saw the beautiful pics of your wife and I feel two! Me and you! But realistically at least five. My wife once took on 8 and no telling how many times they came back for more. She was in heaven and wanting more. Lucky me, I was the last one! She exploded when she came! Don't forget to have the Cameras ready to share her with us! Thanks, Bill