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After They Tie Her Up

I definitely don't want my wife harmed in any way. But the thought of her being bound and gagged and fcked and/or forced to give head by a couple of strange men is very erotic to me. If she were ever to be raped, because I love bondage so much and I love fcking her while she is securely tied up, my fantasy is that the burglars tightly tie her up with rope, hands behind the back, ankles tied together very tightly. I come home and find her bound and gagged on the floor. She is struggling and mmmfffing. I have trouble untying her because the knots are so tight and after I take the gag off her mouth, she describes to me how they raped her while she was bound. Just a fantasy.
pmikey pmikey 46-50, M 3 Responses Feb 1, 2012

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Nothing like a helpless woman ******** and tied to a bed and being *********** to an ****** she does not want to have but she can't stop you from giving it to her and just for fun you let her cool down and then give her another. Hey it's only nine in the evening what can we do next. lol

i wood love thout of this for my wife

Hi PMikey I Saw your group and must say we have very much in common...I Love bondage as wel and that means my wife Jenny is tied up by me for 3 or 4 times each week...When she is bound I Raped her very hard and thre is no mercy ..Some months ago Jenny is for the first time raped by another guy , my best friend Eddy..Eddy was in love by Jenny for more than a year and I geve him the permission to go to bed with her while she was tied up on the bed....My fantasy is the same as yours , Jenny tied with rope and fcked by three or four men in all holes.....Wanna be friends.... .

I would so love to see my wife bound and gagged and then fked hard by a group of guys and have her enjoy it. You are a lucky man to have a friend and wife like that!

How did Jenny like it?