She Deserves More

My wife had an affair 6 years ago. She said the reason was that she needed to taste something new.

She is sooooo sexy when she is happy like now!

It just does something to her, and that is why i want her to be satisfied far more with another man than what I can give her.

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6 Responses Mar 2, 2010

one affair is a good start. i think once a wife gets the taste for other **** she will be out ******* lots of guys. know that is how my wife has been. i really don't know how many she has ******.

The best part is knowing your wife is in bed ******* with another man! I love it when she tells me about her ******* with her lovers.

i like it

Take her to a hotel/motel room and give her a few drinks or some smoke and get her loosened up and naked. put her clothes in the dresser and have the blanket on the floor across the room from the bed and then when she is really worked up, get up and open the door to a group of 4 to 8 men that can undress quickly. Jump back on the bed with her between you and them and hold her down while sucking on her t-its and finger f-ucking her. when the first man is ready, be lying on one of her arms, holding the other and start kissing her real deeply as her spreads her legs and slips his d-ick into her *****. Keep on kissing her and fondli8ng her t-its till she gets into it, then back off and let her enjoy those many o-rgasms she will have over the next few hours of non-stop f-ucking. You can join in at any time, but be sure you are the last one in her.<br />
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Have at least two 12 packs of condoms on the dresser, open and seperated before the men arrive; don't chance STDs.<br />
<br />
Tell lher you love watching her c-um over and over and would like to do it again. Iif she says she doesn't want to, tell her you really like it and you want her to do it for you. <br />
<br />
The inhibitions are now destoyed so don't be suprised to come home and find her like you left her, fresh f-ucked, and a few condoms on the floor or in the trash and c-um drying on her face or in her hair.

I absolutely want this for my wife too!

I was surprised later when I became jealous over a coworker ******* my wife three years ago, but the more I thought about, I realized I liked it. She agreed to see others after that. We took out some ads and met swingers for awhile, but then I realized I enjoyed other guys ******* her more than participating.<br />
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