Watching Her Panties Coming Down

My wife and i were at a bar and she was flirting with the guy next to her. i have always wanted her to get spanked hard over the knee by a stranger and the next thing i know hew was grabbing her *** and i loved it. I went up to him and told him of my fantasy and when the timing was right he took her little *** overr his knee and smacked her 10 times on her jeans. unfortunatly thats as far as it got but the longing for a bare *** spanking otk is what we are looking for. Any volunteers. please let us know.
mark102093 mark102093
7 Responses Aug 12, 2011

How about if the stranger is a woman? I'd love to spank your wife while you watch. I prefer panties to jeans, and you may not interfere while she is in my lap, but feel free to take pictures of her bottom across my knees. Also feel free to take pictures of her face as she cries and learns her lesson, to respect her husband and not be a **** tease.

I'd love spank your Wifey's deliciously naughty bare bottom...

hi once again i am in Pa. message me if your interested, i am originally from ny also between rochester and syracuse!

in California; I hope that's not too far away.

Were in NY. that figures

im in pa. where abouts in New York?

Forgot to add email is if your interested in emailing have a good day!

of course she should definitely have her panties pulled down! I'll show her a thorough spanking.

where do u live?

i would gladly oblige you both. It sounds like she needs a lesson in humility only solved by the humiliation of being spanked by a stranger.

only if its otk on her bare ***

Come on guys my wife needs your firm hand