I Was Spanked By A Stranger (the Wife's Version)

My former husband punished me fairly regularly for all kinds of imagined infractions and in all kinds of ways.  ( Our D/s relationship was consentual; his overuse of  physical punishment, though, led to our eventual divorce).  OTK, paddle,cane, switch, hairbrush, you name it - whatever implement struck his fancy at the moment and the punishment sessions could go on for an hour or more.  He usually liked me immobilized and naked, particularly when using the cane.  I'm sure he was sexually aroused by it all, but love and caring did not enter into it.  This was strictly punishment.

After the 100 stroke caning incident, I was done with him.

(That's the history, now here's the 'stranger' part)

When we were married we owned an RV which we used for a couple weeks every summer.  One year we traveled up and down the Blue Ridge parkway, parking in remote campsites along the way.  Being on vacation never exempted me from the occasional spanking,  he just wasn't satisfied if he wasn't punishing me for something or other.  So....here I am in some godforsaken place over his knee, dress pushed up but not naked, when we realize we are not alone.  Two men walking along the lake apparently heard some commotion and stopped to see what was going on.  I guess they figured that we were performing for their enjoyment because they were not embarrassed to stand there gawking. 

My husband put me on my knees and went to approach the strangers.  Some discussion ensued which I was not privy to and the men returned with him to our campsite.  Sat down, had a beer and some brief conversation and, to my horror, my husband instructs me to get up and stand in front of "Jack" which I do without question, as always.  Jack looks me up and down.  My husband says something about 'delegating authority', that he is allowing Jack to punish me, etc. I don't really remember exactly what he said because I had become extremely anxious by now, as the nature of our relationship had always been very private.  Not following my husband's instructions, however, immediately and without question, would absolutely result in some unpleasant punishment for me and probably in full view of our visitors.  Humiliating me was not beneath him.

My husband says, '***** down to your panties'.  I give him a look and I can see that he is quite serious so I comply. ( This required nothing more than slipping the sundress straps down, the dress slips off,  and I am naked but for panties)  Jack looks me up and down AGAIN, this time embarrassingly slowly, and asks me   'is this consentual?'  I thought that was a strange question under the circumstances and I think I mumbled something about submitting to my husband's authority and that his consent equals my consent so, yes sir, it is consentual.  He then informs me that he is a "hard" spanker, doesn't  tolerate any nonsense, and that I will cry, and quickly.  He asks me if I have a 'safe word' (I don't), assigns me one (red), and says that if I use it,  he's done, no discussion,  and he will hand me back to my husband.  He motions for me to approach him, snakes his arm around my waist, and pulls me across his knee all in one motion.

(A note for perspective:  I am a small woman.  At the time, I was 36 years old, 5'4", and about 130 pounds.  Not hard on the eyes but no great beauty either.  Jack is a very large man, over 6 ft and maybe 250 lbs.  In his 40''s or 50's. )

He  was, indeed, a hard spanker and I was, indeed, whimpering in about 3 minutes.  By the time he took my panties down at about the 5 minute mark, I was all out sobbing.  Draping me over his right leg with his left leg trapping  mine and holding both my wrists behind my back with one hand, I think he spanked me hard for about 20 minutes  the last 5 using his belt (which, he informed me, was because I got my hands in his way one too many times)  When he was done, he pulled up my panties (a nice gesture, I thought) and put me on the ground on my knees (not so nice).  He put his belt back on, shook hands with my husband, thanked him, and left.  He said nothing to me. 

The second guy?  He just watched.
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Beautiful Blessings....I'm so sorry you were mistreated that way by that scum ! I hope you have found REAL man who is good to you, loves you and protects you ! I'm no prude, believe me, and plus I'm 28 and if I so much as utter a H_ _ l or a D _ _ n, I find myself in my fathers den, bent over his sofa, with a pillow underneath my tummy, sobbing like a baby and regretting my Italian temper, Lol. My dad loves me, adores me, praises me to Heaven and would die or kill for me in a heartbeat ! But he expects me to speak, act, dress, and live like a lady ! And I love and respect him with all my heart so you better believe I obey him ! The spankings are NEVER severe ( more to remind me he is still in charge ) and my dad knows I'm "good" with it otherwise he'd NEVER consider it ! Yeah, we're dysfunctional but I don't drink, smoke, swear, do drugs, wear indecent clothes or go to clubs and at 28 I am still a virgin - in EVERY way - so..... I would never let a guy lay a hand on me, unless it was in the same way as my Dad ( not that anyone ever would - my dad's mafioso -lol. ) and yes spanking does "turn me on" 'cause I connect it with being loved, protected and wanted.... I hope YOU are safe, loved and cared for now, always remember you DESERVE to be treated with respect and you can STILL have fun ! *wink

You shouldn't have left him. He was your authority. You should have obeyed him, and if he was spanking you just because he wanted to, then you shouldn't be arrogant about it, and just should have obeyed him.