What A Night

Saturday  Feb 13 2010


We decided to check out a casino in Michigan.

Before we left I asked her to put dress hot. She did. I love when she wears these one pair of jeans that just outline her *** so nice. She wore a Tank top and a tight fitting sweater. I gotta get her one that is cut lower in the front though. We were walking around and I walked a little behind her because I love seeing when guys do that double take when they see her. They were checking out her ***. We played the slots and soon another couple was sitting next to us. My wife was hitting pretty good so the y kept checking out her slot and I could see the guy glancing lower to checking out her body.  She kept kidding around with the couple and just was getting friendly. We had a young one with us so no drinking today. Over all I loved seeing the faces on a lot of the guys when they were checking her out. I told her about it but she just says “yea right”. She sat down at this one slot machine and the seat next to her was taken by an older man about 60-65. I asked him are you playing as I’d like to play next to my wife and he looked over and said gee with a wife like that you got all the luck already but as he got up he just stood there checking her out. I was laughing and my wife giggled about it. I had one guy come up ask what time it was and then say do you two play around, she’s hot. I just said HUH and he was gone.


We that night we waited till the little one was asleep and then we moved to the bedroom. I noticed she had already gotten undressed. When a crawled in next to her I again to my enjoyment noticed she left her panties on again. I gave her a back rub for a while and then started kissing her neck and she was moaning right away. I just love when I see and hear her getting aroused. I started squeezing her **** and pinching her nipples which just turned her on more. Her **** are really sensitive when she has been drinking but we didn’t have any drinks today so I know she was holding back some. She gets so much more into it when she gets lit. I ran my hand down and rubber her calves and thighs and she said “ gee that feels so good “ and then as she was saying that I palmed her crotch and she just moaned and humped my hand. I was rubbing her **** and she reached around and started to give me a hand job. I knew  I wouldn’t last too long if she kept that up so I reached over and got  the ***** , we were in a spooning position so I pulled her one leg over mine and inserted the ***** into her and she was in heaven. As I kissed her and kept massaging her **** and moving the ***** in and out of her hand job  was just driving me crazy. She then turned me over and climbed on top of me with her panties still on and just humped against my ****. I reached up and was massaging her **** and I love this cause I can look right into her face and see the  look of just total happiness on her face. After about 10 min of this I grabbed her favorite vibrator she got off of me and spooned against me. I palmed the vibrator  and held it tight against her ****. She turned so her back was right against me and my **** was tucked into the crack of her *** and she just humped away against me and after about 6 min of this she was started saying not yet not yet as she knows I just can’t last too long. We kept going and then I felt her squirt and I let loose with my *** and she just kept squirting. It was a great night but to have her that close and have someone else enter her I feel would had just turned her into an animal. Well I guess I just have to keep working  on her to get her to see it also.

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

I also talk with my wife about other man doing her while playing sex games but she gets very angry and gets turned off.I can only fantasize about it thats all.

In one way or another.....but your right i have never come right out and said it.