She Finally Cheated After Much Encouragement, (and She Loved It!)

After I finally talked my wife into having sex with another guy she absolutely loved it.when we both agreed on the lucky guy it was left up to me to ask him,what she didn't know was that I had already talked to him and he was Soooo ready. anyway, we all three went out for dinner and just talked about everything except what was going to happen. Then my cell rings and i'm called into work (so i say) and I ask Tony to take my wife home after they're though with dinner,ofcourse he agrees.(he's about to have the time of his life If she doesn't hold back) So I go sit in the car and watch them order more drinks, then when they finally leave I can tell she is all over him. So I hurry home before they get there,I park down the street and go in our basement and wait,and wait and wait. after about an hour they show up sounding like teenagers gigging. and then the fun began I was about to explode from hearing them. after he left she told me all about it with a smile on her face the whole time. she said they knew i was in the basement,lol.
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1 Response Nov 9, 2012