My Wife And Her Black Lover

Me and my wife have been together for 20 years. My wife has always been allowed to cheat on me. She was reluctant at 1st, but soon started to enjoy it and the new excitement it brought into our lives. I have always encouraged her to be as bad and as free as she wanted. She has had a consistant lover over the last 9 years. Her lover is far superior than me in the bedroom in all aspects, to the point where she barely EVER has sex with me anymore and when we do she can barely feel my **** anymore. She never gives me head anymore that is saved exclusively for her boyfriend as well as her ***** unless she pitty ***** me once in a blue moon or I should when I get Blue Balls. At this point she hates ******* me and doing anything for me sexually. She has also fell in love with her lover, which for some silly reason I encouraged. She did not want to let herself fall in love with him, but I pushed and encouraged until she finally gave in and let him in her heart. I had to have her let herself go and instead of just ******* her lover to make passionate love with him instead every time they had sex with each other. It wasn't too long after having her view it this way that she finally started to have real feeling for him and is in love with him as well as me. Sometimes I wonder what was I thinking??
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Sounds like you made yourself obsolete within your own marriage