Wanting To Watch Wife

We have been married for over 20 years. I met my wife at college, she was studying and I was skipping class. She had the best *** I had ever seen. We got married at 20 and it has been amazing. She is a little larger now but still the hottest woman I know. The sounds she makes while making love are unbelievable and her eyes roll backwards when she has an ******. To see her with another huge **** inside her has been my fantasy for quite some time now. I am not as blessed as some men and I know she would really come alive with a nice **** to ride in her amazing *****. She reacts very sensually when we talk about it in the bedroom but to this point nothing has happened.

We are planning a special weekend in the downtown nightlife next weekend and this is what I see as our opportunity. We will see what happens and I will update the forum accordingly.
Rascal40 Rascal40
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Did I miss something? Have you and she agreed to go for it?

This is a man in love!

Has not worked out yet but still hoping, waiting...