I Watched My Wife Through the Bedroom Keyhole

I Want My Wife to Cheat on Me, and my fantasy has come true.


I had suspected her infidelity through the usual behaviour signs. More than usually upbeat, extreme pride in her appearance, and of course going out alot.

One night she thought that I was going to the football match, and shortly before I left she had bathed, put perfume on and had administered feminine wipes to her intimate places.

I left in the car, and went to the pub for half an hour. I then went back home, but parked the car on the next street. I approached our house with caution, but I could see noone in the living room. I looked round the back of the house and the rest of the ground floor was also empty. I then noticed the bedroom curtains in the spare room at the back were closed. I sneaked in through the kitchen, removing my shoes to limit noise. I crept up the stairs and then started to hear sexual noises from the bedroom. All our rooms tend to have keyholes, but we rarely use keys to lock them. The bed in the spare room is directly opposite the door, and I peered through the keyhole. It was rather gloomy in semi-darkness but my sight soon adjusted.

What I saw really turned me on and still does to this day. My wife was on her hands and knees and her sex partner had entered her from behind, and was pounding vigourously against her outspread bare bottom cheeks. I could see that they were both completely naked. I waited only a few minutes as within that time they both had massive prolonged *******. I qietly slipped away. My wife still doesn't know what I saw, and has no idea what pleasure it gives me. 

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My fiancée told me she had to give her coworker a ride home from work. I was like ok whatever. Turns out it was the young black guy she worked with. I was oblivious to any thoughts of infedelity. When she got home she seemed really excited for some reason and ran up to me and gave me a big passionate kiss. I immediately tasted *** in her mouth. It shocked me for a second but I kept kissing her. It actually turned me on. They car pool all the time now.

He ****** her dad

That is a awesome story I love watching my wife with other men but I don't know if she's ****** others without me knowing but we are swingers so I have got to watch her with others

dont you ever **** around on her?seems to me its about time you got some strange ***** too! shes exploring sex outside of the marriage, why dont you?

******* hot

You better tell her? ;-)

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It must have been hot to watch her like that!

very hot! I think this would have excited me a lot. Did you **** her and lick her ***** when you came home ?

you didn't happen to take a video of that did you?

my wife video taped her with her lover for me to watch. It was pretty hot to me! He never did know... thought he was getting something over on me.. and I'm the one that suggested she **** him to start with! LOL! He now knows I knew about it all along and is VERY cautious around me with his wife.

wonderful story ...... please write more ...... let us know what happened next !

i have done this for some of my friends with there wives and at first it was wired but now it all i want to do, some have watched but most just want me to tell them about it or take video so the can watch it that way. but great story

I would love to see that happen to my wife.

lucky guy. my wife is after a younger guy that she works with but nothing more than a snog and a feel up so far. good luck to ya

I really agree. My wife confessed to cheating on me and I had sex several times in a row with her after I found out. I was confused about it at first but now I understand, I am turned on by it. Since then I have told her that if she wants to be open and sleep with other men, I won't have a problem with it. I can't really confess this to people in real life besides one person because people would think I'm weird, but the cheating makes me want her more.

Please email me more God I wish my wife would **** more men how can i get her to just do it?

I'm scared but would love it too I think

Don't completely come out and ask her all at once. Mention it in your love making and let her get turned on to the idea herself. That's the way we began. Now we go out to the club, dance and I pick the guy to come share our motel with. It enhances our lovemaking.

waiting my wife to come out of phone and cyber cheat and do it in reality.

my friend`s wife is currently cyber cheating.Will she go further?

that is a great story.has she done it more than once?

wow your wife is so hott and wish mine would cheat on me so i could watch

I agree with ROck.. maybe rent a few movies featuring a wife and hus and a third! Bill in va.

You are so lucky

Great story, were you tempted to "accidently" walk in on them?