Going To A Club Without Panties

From Pretoria South Africa

I enjoy my wife being flirty and naughty - so we went to a club, she wearing a long dress, no panties. As it is a dancing club, a lot of loose and holding dancing takes place. I went to buy drinks and dragged a bit, so that she might be asked for a dance ... so when I got back, a guy from Cape Town was sitting there talking to her. He frequently visits to watch rugby.


He asked her for a dance and I nodded, so away they went. Of cource, dancing against her, he could feel she was not wearing anything below the dress and he asked her about it (she shared the experience with me). After the dance the guy moved off. She then waited a few minutes and excused herself to go to the toilet ... but she stayed away quite a while.

They met outside, kissed and he had his hands under her dress, fingering her, and she had her hand in his pants.... unfortunately for the story, a vehichle came around the corner and the lights scared them. She came back to me but as hot as you can get...blushing a bit. (She did not share this with me then, but I suspected something, and my **** almost knocked the table over.

She also gave her number, so he contacted her the next day - wanted to meet him at the hotel - she then told me she wanted to go and see someone re. work. I knew what it was about ..it was so erotic ... and then she did not go for one or other reason ... duhhhhh

But then he came again for rugby and contacted her ... this time she did make a plan. I had a "business meeting" so she was free. But I saw her driving to the hotel and going in.

When she got home, I asked her how was her night, what did she do .. so she revealed...

They met in the room, had champagne, and started kissing. She said she never came so many times in one 2 hours.... he tried every style in the book on her and he was big and pumped her hard for long times. He came twice in her hair and over her body. She then had enough and they had more champagne... and then the guys buddy came (living in the same hotel) and had a drink with them. He also wanted to give her a go then...but she refused ...what a pitty.

Of course we had excellent orgasmic sex for a long time to follow, riding on that hotel room experience.... but the story is becoming a faint memory and I need a new experience.... (for her)

So the guy came again to Pretoria, but she avoided him. Sort of a guilt trip, as he was married too.


But I am working on something again .. any help out there ... ?


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im also fron jhb, where does she work?

As I said, I was working on something again... but this takes lots of effort. I got her a little naughty so she joined an adult website for South Africa. Got some interest, but then decided just to leave it and cancel her profile.... I assume guilt trip<br />
<br />
However, one of the guys asked her email address, and she gave it to him before cancelling. He made contact and said the right things... so she met him. He invited her for a camping weekend and she said she will go. To me she said she was going on a Health breakaway.<br />
<br />
So I was waiting for the return, hopefully she had a very naughty weekend as her phone was off. But then, when she returned ,,,,,, nothing happened. Why???? The guy tried to spike her drink .. how bloody stupid, he could have had a roaring weekend.<br />
<br />
Now the whole process mus start again, convincing her to be naughty

Ya - send details to bevange at g maildotcom

Mmmmm thats so horny, nothing better than knowing your wife is with other men. I am in Jhb, would love to chat or even help you setup a night of fun for her.