Well yeah, Me and my wife are 32 years old, we live in Belgium and have two wonderful kids. For both of us, we're each others first sex partner and up until a few years ago, we were both fine with.

About 6 years ago, I started to like her to say I've got a small penis. (SPH or Small Penis Humiliation, I learned afterwards) - hard to explain but she still gets me hard telling me she finds my little friend too little...

These thoughts and fantasies developed over the years and now, she can get me really aroused by saying I'm not good in bed and She would like to have a better **** with a better lover.

About one year ago, while surfing ****, I encountered a text about Cuckolding. A new world opened - All these feelings finally explained. I'm a wannabee cuckold!

I want her to have sex with an another guy, I want to see her enjoying it more then when we have sex. I want to see her ****** whilst being ****** firmly by the Alpha-male.

I want to be there when it happens and I want to watch - I also want to join but more passive and more from a supporting role to maximise her pleasure, the bulls' pleasure and of course, while doing so - my pleasure.

I've told her about my fantasies - we fantasize while having sex about a bull ******* her but at this point she is reluctant to meet some one in real life. We're chatting with a guy and she's quite interessed but still too scared to go to a next step.

She misses someone (a woman) to talk about this and maybe share experiences - any tips or people in the same situation who want to talk are very welcome!
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Aug 17, 2014