My New Boyfriend Wants To Be Dominated In The Bed Room

Hi pls I need help , my new boy friend  wants to be dominated in the bed room ....I never had expariance in this.   I am open to it I would llike to learn how to satisfy him , please him more. I know it took a lot from him to actually open up and tell me about his sexual prefrances I need help  ....Where do I start, how,..... .....etc. i want to make him happy and to feel  fullfilled.
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I am a man who likes being dominated and my favorite thing my girl does to me is tell me to lay at the end of the bed and she puts her feet all over my face and neck. I love it. But that's cause I have a foot fetish so I'm not sure if he would. I also enjoy spanking and whipping. I also love being made to kiss her *** and lick her ***** while she sits on my face. She sometimes dances on my chest and stomach and teases me by being as sexy as possible and stepping on my neck until I have to breath or I'll pass out. She also yanks me around by my hair and she will grab my hair and bring my face to her ***** for me to lick up the juices and makes me swallow. Try some of these to dominate him

I got my wife a crop for my birthday. She loves it ;)

girl, my boyfriend just asked me to do the same for him. I love all that but could use the help on how to really dominate him! Let me know how its going for ya? It would be great to share some ideas?

If this is still something you want help with, I'd be happy to email some web ba<x>sed resource addresses. Doing a search on-line for BDSM, Ds, Munch, etc groups might show you that there are groups of people nearby who would be happy to help you get started. It also doesn't need to be confronting or breach your privacy.<br />
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There are books and seminars which you could find if you know where to look.<br />
<br />
There are many ways and types of power sharing relationship - it's important to communicate what the desire is, as well as to learn the technical aspects of doing it well and safely. Even in spanking someone there are pleasant ways to do it and not-so pleasant ways.<br />
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Good luck! and your boyfriend is very lucky to have found an understanding woman.

Hi there, ProfDavros, just like ljs63, i too need help with this. I want to make sure he is the happiest man on earth. Please help!!!

she also has singed us up to take ballet classes that start on monday

my girlfriend does this to me, right now she is into hunliation,she forces me to dress like a little babt girl she ordered a baby satin dress of of ebay i also wear a diaper and thigh high stockings, she will keep me like this for the whole weekened and only allow me to pee and poop in the diaper i am 100% submissive to her every need

If he really wants to be dominated, give it to him. Make him earn sex... cleaning, cooking, etc. while naked. Make him rub your feet, lay out your clothes in the morning, give you oral until you're satisfied. It's not just handcuffs, whips and chains! I have never been happier than when I was my wife's complete and total slave 24 hours a day.

It will get old. Make sure you don't find yourself in a relationship where you are always the one who has to at the very least initiate sex.

Whether or not it does become old is up to the couple involved. While interested in something, surely the important thing is to explore it together and have as much fun doing it as safely as you can. I agree it can be draining being the one to always initiate and be imaginative.... the good thing here is that it seems a shared interest or at least a pair of compatible desires. Good luck to you.

my name is Bahar i want humiliate my boyfriend and dominated him can you suggest me ?

my partner and i do this from time to time, it started with tieing me up and face sitting and slowly has evolved into her ******* me with a strap on, i think married2bf is spot on the money

I wish my wife had been as concerned about meeting my needs as you are about fulfillng your boyfriend's desires. For me, my fantasies are mostly about support and motivation to do the things I should do and be the best husband I can be. Sharing my feelings with my wife has gotten harder over the years because of her rejection on my kinky desire to be spanked by her to earn her forgiveness and get back to a state of "right relations" instead of angry exchanges that poison all sexual desire.

I agree. Most women are unwilling to even try. He is very fortunate to have a woman who is interested in meeting his needs like you are. Good for you, and good luck.

Excellent suggestions. Also spend some time on your own thinking about what you'd really like sexually if you were in charge. Even write it down if it will help. (Be careful with it though if its written) Then take the innitiative and explore one of those desires. Don't be afraid to push the envelope a bit. Remember he asked for it and guys usually want alot more than they're willing to admit for fear of being rejected. If in doubt talk some of this over with him. Establish a safe word. Find out if there's anything he definately won't do. It can be tricky, but its totally worth it to explore and enjoy your sexuality with each other.

What sort of fetish does he have in mind? <br />
<br />
Tie him down with his neckties and tease his bum with your *****. His hips will tell you if he wants it in. Alternatively, you can sit on his face and force him to lick you until you *** all over him.