I Had To Kiss Her Feet And Lick Her

my former girlfriend trained me to obey and worship her. Therefore she used to give me a caning almost every day.

Often I had to be on my knees to kiss her feet. I had to greet her girlfriends in the same way.

When she went to the bathroom, I had to knee in front of the door, till I was allowed to clean her with my tongue.

Sometimes she sat on my face. I almost could not breathe any more, but I had to lick her @ss.
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i am lock in chastity i am strap weekly an i am so be in panites all the time even when females are over visiting wife
my wife did this to me after our daughtres born she did not want to have sex
i get maintenance spnaking each sunday morning an i am most time sitting at her feet worshiping her

I agree crawl back and beg that sounds like the life I would like to be in serving my wife's beautiful behind.

I do yes I just posted a new story take a look