Working On It

OK, I want my wife to be more dominant.  I am trying to get her there by submitting to her without her asking, and it is working a little.  Over time the extra things I do for her become less my idea, as they are her expectations. 


I rub her feet each night with cream

I kiss her good night each night right in the small of her back (essentially kissing her ***)

I give her oral sex and do not ask her to reciprocate (now she does not offer)

I always refer to her as my love or my goddess.

When we do have sex, (which she is seldom interested in) I ask her to TELL me to lick her, and PUSH my head "down there" and she is getting the idea to do this on her own now.  SO It is my hope over time she will become more bold, and take charge.   WE will see

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that is my wildest dream, to feel the tightness of her ropes, the sting of her paddle and the satisfaction of serving her wildest desires.

Read the books by DAvid Xzenre on amazon. ... YOu will be in leach collar and chains in no time!

I worked on this for years and years. Recently i read a book by David Xzenre about having my wife dominate me in 3 days. It worked! got it off amazon quite cheap before i knew it i was in a collar then a mask... then on chains...... I did not over think it i let Her read the book and she acted it out....

I told my wife my fantasy was to be cuckolded. But only
To show her my sub side. Now whenever we make love she tells me how she wants a younger guy with a big ****. It always makes me *** faster.

I think it is so hot when my wife dominates me but I have to say that is seldom. I have told her how much it would turn me on if while we were having sex she would tell me what to do. I find it frustrating that she will be happy with the same routine from start to finish and when I suggest she become more vocal I swear she actually seems embarrassed for me that I should want her to dominate me..I have actually been met with not a word and I have to say try holding onto a hardon when you are humiliated in that manner.

Could I suggest you find some Ds fiction on line and share it with her some time when she is in a good mood with you. Let her know that you find these stories stimulating. After she's read them, you'd have the basis of a conversation about what you'd like to try.<br />
<br />
Some people find it all very confronting and scary, some might be willing to give it a try, some might be down right thrilled to find out that you match!<br />
<br />
Start with something simple and basic.<br />
<br />
There are on-line forums and websites with lots of info available. There are books and seminars.<br />
<br />
There are groups all over the world who would be happy to guide you as a couple if you wanted that.<br />
<br />
Some people prefer to keep it private.<br />
<br />
A power-sharing relationship needs trust and communication constantly updated as to where you're both at, to keep it safe and fun. Good luck.

I agree on the "tell her" point. Spell out to her clearly that you want her to dominate you, and discuss with her how much she is comfortable with. You might also explain that there is no limit (or what limit there is) to how MUCH domination you want. Mine was afraid she'd have to take over all the bills and finances, etc. I had to explain that, no, she could pick and choose WHAT she still wanted to do, and what she wanted ME to do. I ended up with ALL of the house work... cleaning, dishes, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, beds, everything. She also got daily foot massages, full body massages on demand... hell, ANYTHING on demand. In bed she would do her best, but in truth SHE wants to be dominated there. We found a happy medium, at least for a while. <br />
<br />
But do tell her what you want, and see if you can't find a place where you're both comfortable. Her biggest fears will probably be that either you'll turn gay (don't laugh, women think that way), or she'll have to make all of the decisions, or that you'll be a complete wimp all the time. Let her know that you're still YOU, and will still pick the restaurant and punch out the drunk guy at the bar who insults her, but she is free to exercise absolute control *whenever she chooses to do so*.

Just don't forget women are born with an urge to be dominated. <br />
You can and should ask for what gets you off BUT take a break and take her sometimes too. <br />
<br />
She needs to know you want her so much you are willing to be aggressive about it, too. <br />
Even if that is not you - fake it just as you want her to bend to your needs. <br />
<br />
She too wants to be farked like SHE is pursued and irresistible. It is the same need a man expresses thru DOm. (No means No but No I haven't had a shower does not mean no) It means you say I like you dirty bent her over and love her.

I woman in a relationship will say No, I MEAN it - if she is not playing. Seriously Not in the mood.
Obviously more the one No, stops you to get a confirm it is OK.

Men dating - No, always means no. Period.

I am talking long term relationships where trust has been established.

my name is Bahar i want humiliate my boyfriend and dominated him can you suggest me ?

not sure if you mean that you get your wife to push your head down for oral sex as forplay before intercouse, if this is the case than maybe you should trying going back down after you tow have done the deed. As most Women including my wife are much more senwative and *** a lot easier and more often and intense after she has been ******. My wife will come maybe 2times with oral before i pentrate and *** in her after i go back down she will *** so mcuh eaiser and intense.

after my husband introduced me to the dom/sub life style, thats how our sex life has been. He gives me oral satisfaction " the way you are having your wife do it" and I try to dominate him and punish him as often as I can.. but my husbnad isnt satisfied, he wants more than that.. I dunno what to do.

i would just tell her. i want you to dominate me. thats what i told my hubby but we've got a very open relationship and i can tell him anything. good luck! some people just arent into it though.

Lucky girl...Oh what a lucky girl!

How it working out so far?

I would have trouble being dominant as well....

Is this something that you are both happy with. I feel uncomfortable when my husband wants me to do that.

You should go ahead and voice your needs outright. That way you can find out if she herself id a dom or a sub in that sense. <br />
<br />
As a dominatrix, I can tell you that being straight forward about this sort of thing at the right time is the best thing you can do. Oh, and buy some toys. Or lingerie, things that accentuate her beauty that she would like and you would like her in. <br />
<br />
Be honest about it.