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My Sexy Girl

I am not going to write a long story here, just wanted to say I love my woman going out showing her body off to others, and I activly encourage it, and enjoy it. I have a sexy ***** of a woman, am proud of that, and of her! She wears blatantly see thro tops, and skirts that do not cover the cheeks of her bum, and not even a G under it. Long live sexy women, and you guys who say you don't like it, well perhaps you are just jelous, or ashamed of your woman, or maybe worried she just won't match up. The latter is an insult to your woman, someone you should be proud of, so I hope that's not your reason.
wicedman100 wicedman100 41-45, F 6 Responses Jul 1, 2010

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Amen to that. I personally like a little bit of tease, but not too much. Maybe a skirt long enough to hide her garter straps, but not the tops of her stockings.

I'd like to thank you both for being on this site and sharing your pics with us. Please keep them coming to keep us *******. MMMMMM

Having seen your pics and those of your wife dressed to impress and showing off her lovely smooth *****........all I can say is you are a lucky man.........and I'd love to see her in the flesh ;-)

To pats69. Your very confession to getting turned on by doing it says it all. women CAN, and DO enjoy doing it.

This is obviously more common thatn I realised. My ex took great delight in getting me to do this sort of thing and I must confess it did turn me on as well to get all that attention.

my second wife would dress slutty, flash up skirts, and anything she felt like doing! i loved every minute of it! i appreciate all of the women who do this! give your sweet sexy wife a hug for me! thanks!

Seems we should talk, and exchange idea's/experiences ect!