Act Slutty

I like it when she does that for me. Not so sure about in public that much though. (yet)  ;-)

HospitalCorpsman HospitalCorpsman
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14 Responses Aug 27, 2008

Have you asked her if she would go public? Sometimes all you need to do is break the ice. It may be one of the things she wants to do.

lol............ I'll see what I can do!!! hahaha.... I am beginning to think both of you could get me into a lot of trouble!!!! ;-) lol........No, you wouldn't do that!! ;-) Would you?? :o

And a pitchfork! Driving a big John Deere tractor in nothing but *** chaps!!!

Yeah naughty farmer....holding a big fluffy sheep.

LOL!!! Yeah!!! I like that idea! Do the naughty farmer!!!<br />
<br />
***Farmer! farmer! farmer!***

WOW, not tooting his horn is he. <br />
<br />
Ok HC, we require proof. Here is what you need to do. Dress up in your favorite outfit, and then take a picture of it. Put it in your pictures part of EP and when I look at it, if I have an ****** then you are "the Man"

Well, what's the point in that?

I can only be one at a time! haha I always make her feel very good. I make her *** everytime before I even really start......... ;-)

Oh God the things you can do with that feather duster.....would blow your mind.<br />
<br />
Everyone goes for the Navy thing.<br />
<br />
How about a naughty farmer, or a kinky computer hacker. I like those.

lol......... you got that right about the needle CS.... ;-)

lol......... I would do whatever she wants!! I would probably go for the police or sailor, since I was in the Navy.

LOL! Or naughty hospital corpsman in a tight white uniform, white fishnets, and a HUGE hypodermic needle!!!

How about naked french maid? Nothing gets me going like a guy in a French Maid outfit and a duster.

And how do you return the favor? Sadistic Police Officer? Naughty Sailor on leave? Chippendales dancer?