Love Watching Her Get Dressed

I love to watch my wife get dressed when we've made a date to go out and meet a new guy. She dresses attractively, but more conservatively for work and hanging out with family and friends. But on our nights out, she wears much more revealing outfits - short skirts and clingy dresses, tank tops with no bra, stockings and garters, fishnet, strappy heels lots of dark eyeliner and eyeshadow, shiny lipgloss, and sometimes her little anklet or necklace with the male-female-male symbols (when she really wants to hit the guys over the head with the message that she's available!).

ryder ryder 31-35 5 Responses Oct 19, 2008

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Would be so hot to watch my wife dress like this and go out for some fun. Keep encouraging her to wear sexier clothes with little success.

I agree, one of the hottest things about going out with my wife is watching her get ready in case she meets a new guy. My wife wears that same anklet.

I absolutely share your feelings on this topic.......

Ryder, you're the man. We're cut from the same cloth.

Now that I have seen your gorgeous wife, I can visualize how hot this must be for you.