My Wife Seduced By Other Man

She is very sexy with sexy body. She need heavily sex and she loves my **** too much. One day I asked her how much she like ***** she sid I like sucking *****. This pulural word gave me n idea to seduce my wife to have sex with other man. So one night during having sex I asked her do you like suck some other ***** and she sid yes. So I brought a friend to home and I went out.later I phoned to her and told to go head if she wish. But she failed to do ny thing. Second night I made her to ware lowcut to tht could see her breas. N I adv her to offer a drink or cofee to him. While you serve him bend for little longer so he could see your breast fully. And while moving round him just rub your breast on him and try to touch his **** as unintentional contact and say sorry to acknowledge the touch. This method worked 100% and she managed to suck his ****. Luckily it was a huge one so she told me its excellant experiance. A third night I gave her a big chance to and I went out of the city. I called her over phone and gave green signal to have good time. That night she did every thing . The next day she told me he sucked her breast while laying naked and ****** with him and it was good as the big one drilled my hole and pumped.
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I have also done it before, I want him to do all this in front of me or alongwith me, I like your experience.