Showing My Wife to Another

To Start:
I must tell you my wife is  ultimately conservative, a, "good girl  wife"..
Yes, she is Latina.. raised going to Church.. still attends... 

Yes: Like so many.. I have had hopes of showing her off, perhaps sharing her. Yet, this just never seemed possible. (at least with her playing along.)

Not sure if any can relate.... stories I usually hear seem distant to me. She does have a sexual past..things she has confessed... and a few accidents she has experienced. (her being exposed)..She was a bit more daring during her younger days.

My wife, prim and proper.. would never now....???  

We have an extra bedroom upstairs. Our older kids are gone...

My wife offered the room to someone in town on work. Of course I was O.K. no big deal.

She explained how she knew him, (though work), all was fine. He would just sleep here.. work .. leave early, arrive late. Fine.

Our evening started out very innocent watching t.v. on the sofa in the living room. Kids asleep it's getting late.

I find myself giving her a massage.. kneel-ed by the sofa as she lays out. Her top is pushed up and I'm rubbing her bare back.

She informs me that, "Tim will be here soon".. a blanket is near and she is covered.

When Tim does finally arrive the blanket is at her waist..bare back exposed..bra less.

We exchange greetings and he expresses how he is going upstairs and to bed. (I was surprised she allowed the bare back exposure).

She and I again alone.. I continue to massage. Working her pants lower I see she is wearing a sexy type black thong.(something unusual).

She has a full rounded rump. The thong clearly designed to show it off, and did... Yet at this point just the presence of it is exposed.

Tim quietly comes back and enters the room. He, very silently flutters about. I'm aware he has knowledge of my wife's thong. I can see him eye  the display. I sense his awkwardness, nervousness.. he returns upstairs.

I wonder.. will he come back again??

I work her pants lower..further exposing the revelation of my wife in that little black thong. Her top is still pushed up at her shoulders.. pants now half way down her ***.

Yes: Soon Tim quietly returns. He is in, "tip toe" mode. Yet can hear his nearness. The floor creeks. He mills around seeing my wife thus displayed.. then leaves again. I can see his reflection in the window.. No shades, we have waterfront view. He was spying...peering...stealing looks. I could see him as I looked out the window... his reflection in the window betrayed his presence.

I pull the blanket back around her. Seemed to appease her timidity. Both of us sensing him... the room charged with energy.

Minutes later Tim again quietly, sleekly, comes back. By now her pants are off..Blanket up, I realize his nearness. His observing eyes. My heart is pounding... just trying to remain together. While we watch t.v.... , I continue to massage slowly pulling the blanket lower.... uncovering her plump ***. He watches as my fingers press into her cheeks.   

This was an, "all new experience".. my wife so exposed while another man stood and watched the display. He stares..and leaves. I'm sure not knowing how to react. (He just kept coming and going, all this, after his... "need to go to bed comment").

I do hear Tim discreetly, silently, enter the room again..just moments later.. the blanket completely away, Tim very near us. The little black thong (designed to show off that round ***), doing it's job. He stands still.. just absorbing the sight. I can feel his closeness...his eyes peering. While Tim watches.. I , "massage" down her thong.... giving him the full measure view... he stands in silence eyes fixed on the display of my wife's bare ***. The veil of her thong completely removed.  He can see her *** crack, her cheeks being parted.. a glimpse of ***** presented.

It was such an arousing experience... pushing off my wife's thong while another man's eyes watches with fixation. The act of slipping it down with him just a few feet away watching it being removed.

I continued to rub my hands over her body. My hands over her shoulders..face, gracing her hair, soothing, loving... my hands massage her *** while Tim watches.  

It was a, back and forth experience for Tim. He would quietly enter..view, ponder, and leave.. He was viewing a woman he knew for some years. Knowing her guarded nature.. the good girl, Lady....."prim and proper".

Yes: He would return again.. "tip toe", silence. His entrance was very slow..very silent. I would pretend to be unaware..continued my massage, my loving hands.

Tim stood very near..inching closer...and closer. 

He seemed to plant himself very near me.. just eying. In fact he was so silent I was unaware for some silent was his movements... nearing so close... then seeing his reflection.   

While I acted unaware..still just giving her the loving rub. I was exposing her secret beauty.... Tim viewing her *****...

Just never experienced anything close to this. I didn't want to do anything to stop this exposure.. just wanted it to continue.

Heard his steps move away..
My wife.. seconds later comments again..
"your exposing me to Tim".. 

Her words were like a question... Were you??? or Are you??

Perhaps it was a statement.. You are!!!

though her words were without anger.. rather mild.. hushed.

When he slipped away this last time, my wife gathered herself together..  and announced she wanted to go to bed. She walked off bare *** uncovered...never saying a word...  

It was over.

Millions of thoughts flooded my mind.
I thought that night... she would be shared...

She knew she was exposed... perhaps fearing what might be next, marched away..

Between Tim coming and going I took a picture... early on during this wife on the my profile..

It was quite incredible.


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Excellent story. Please add me!

Great story. Now I must try to get a lodger. My wife not good at anything like this. Complains I'm feeing sexy too often. I tried to get her to read stories like this but has refused asking WHAT my agenda is as its not her idea of fun.

I try everything. From underwear to compliments. Has never seen herself as sexy. The way she was brought up.

Wow that was a incredible story. I can see that being quite a thrill .

I love this story. You have a way with words. Did you ever discuss the situation with your wife? She obviously enjoyed it but some wives will never admit it for whatever reason


Very hot story. Gives us all hope.

When she said to you that you were exposing her, you should have asked her how that made her feel? If she said it made her horny you could have slipped your fingers into her, then kissed her, then see how far things went. I'm sure Tim would have tip-toed back into the room tripod at the ready.

When you say, "bare ***", do you mean totally nude?


Great story! I got hard reading it, lucky ******* Tim! I'd love to see your sexy wife! Please add me!

"good girls" are the horniest, all that pent up **** looking to get out

Great story of her exhibition. Please add.

i wonder how many times you've stroked to that memory

alot, alot..

Oh I think the seed was planted. She knew more than she led on of your ploy .she didn't mind as much as you thought. And she was wearing a thong on this particular night. Sounds good .take it further.

Wow , very erotic . I know about those thrilling moments and ultimately a disappointing ending .

Did the two of you have sex that night?

awesome story Dale thank you it was very hot!!

I am view those scene thro your great narration. Lovely experience.

I have loved your story. It really gets me very horny.

Loved this story, would love to have this happen with my wife. Was an erotic moment, very nice.

Very very sexy!!! Such an intimate moment to share! Thanks...that was so stimulating! :) dc

wow tim is a lucky man


Tim is a lucky man to have seen her


she knew and she enjoyed him enjoying her . Have you since discussed that she knew and wanted him to look at her? Why the thong on that particular night do you think? Did she actually set this up...I'm thinking so...did she ask for the back rub? If so, she wanted exposure

Great story, very very exciting, sounds lke she had a little fun with it as well

wow that was pretty nauighty of you -makes me wonder how far you intende to go

your stories are great can u add me your friend list?

Wow, great story. Please add me

very hot story, hope it continues to climax.

add me pls

A very erotic experience,for all three of you. Shocking and arousing that your wife knew, and allowed you, encouraged you, to continue...

another great story. She must have been so torn between being shown off and how she should stop it. Glad that you got to enjoy the moment with her. Do you ever bring it up with her that you enjoyed that this other man got to see her and enjoy her beauty. She is probably not ready to discuss what he was probably thinking as he viewed her nakedness. Thanks for sharing this story.

Catholic girls have far more intense fantasies and prohibitions, but she Knew and Signaled to to you that she knew.

Next time the thong is off (and yes she wore it to show it because most women will tell you you do not wear a thong for comfort. it is a bit like a mild weggie)

As you work up her legs (BTW rub up legs and from hands to shoulder and waist to head to stimulate)

let your pinkies accidentally 'bump' her *****. not too much but enough. When you see her legs open, you know she is getting hornier.

after both legs have been done and if she is arching her back a bit while opening her legs, slide your thumb into her *****, and use your forefinger on her ****.

In the mean time, when you are having sex with her, tell her you think she is so sexy and you were excited showing her to Tim.
Then just ask if she got excited.
Then just let it come out slowly, tell her you find her sexy and think she is like a work of art that should be shown off.

Stricter and more conservative the Catholic the hornier she is. Now she just needs to know you love her and will still think she is a wonderful person.

She wants to be shared. Otherwise she would have stopped you when she knew Tim was watching.

Great story sounds like it was a rush. I can relate to a prim and proper wife. My wife is the same way big on church and family and keeping private matters private. I have been trying to get her to open up little by little.

Things are progressing.

add me please

very hot, and of course she wanted you to show him her thong clad ***...turned her on, too bad she wont admit it...would be the same with my wife...who has a really nice *** I'd like to share

Keep up the good work but dont forget to take pics and write about it.

Hot! You should post some pics of that thong!!!

what a story ..luved it... man that something that could possibley happen to me and my gf

Great story. My wife is very conservative to and very modest, but other times I have got her naked in the car when we are on a road trip. She lets me rub her down and message her and she pretends to be a sleep on my lap. When I pass a truck I always slow down so they can look in and see her laying there naked. Other times I can't even get her to wear a bikini. Would love to see the pic of your wife hoping some day to have some to share.

Has the story developed? Have there been any other incidents?

Beautifully written, Dale. That was such a slow, erotic buildup...I wish for you that you have more opportunities to explore this side pof both of you.

it was truly a great experience reading this lets one mind wanders far and wide

Great story. I've been tempted to do the same many times.

I wana see that lovely pic

MMMmm could have been a real good show if things went further

At least this was a chance for you to see how you would react if opportunity ever did arise. You know that you feel arousal and not jealousy, so at least you have that covered. I would say she is really close to agreeing to it, since she let you expose her that way.

I know I'm commenting on an older post but wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences. Sounds lie you are a lucky husband of a beautiful wife.

Thanks for Sharing the story, my wife is exactly the same… I am working to change the orthodox to modern wife …if possible then hot wife lifestyle … hope one day I will experience it.

One of the most sensual stories I've read in EP. I could really relate to it: my wife is Greek-Orthodox (if you think Catholics are strict, wait till you meet an Orthodox) raised and conservative to the bone. Despite my efforts, it never seems possible to make her let go her reservations.<br />
I believe however that I'm close to achieving. I think you are close too, it needs one small step.<br />
In any case, all my best and thanks for sharing your story.

What a terrific experience, and well told. My wife fits that profile exactly (she's Latina, I'm Anglo), and I have had moments of having her exposed like that that have driven me wild for months after. We're married 25 years now, our daughter's out of the house, and we are finally starting to discuss fantasies again. I have high hopes that good things are still ahead!

fabulous story I must say , I have the same fantasy to see my wife with another man *** her , and I know she wants thats also , but ...... Ah Its too hard for me to make the step

I suspect she did...perhaps still does.. but will never admit... just not in her to be that honest.. shame .

This was a really good story. Do you think that maybe she *********** when she got upstairs?

It is difficult to type and hold yourself at the sane tjme.

Keep the fantasy alive in her mind and it may become a reality someday.

Will be happy to share more... thanks for your comments... makes it worth the effort to write... <br />

Thanks for sharing such an erotic story about your proper wife. After checking out her pictures, I can see why her friend Tim was extremely interested in seeing more. I, like you, enjoy seeing the proper little lady being exposed to other men. Maybe in her case, you were making it happen she was somewhat passive and didn't put up a fuss. I would love to hear more about your sweet little wife.

That is a great story! I know what you mean and I have had simular experiences. I have had times when I think my wife is close to becoming more liberated, but then she reins it in and I think it will never happen.