It all started when I was in the military. I went away for a year and started fantasizing about watching my wife have sex with someone else. It took a while but I finally broke the news to her. I think she thought it was a joke at first. We would have messenger/video sex with each other and talk about it. I finally came home and we continued to talk about it. I finally convinced her to have video sex with strangers over the Internet. She would talk dirty to a stranger while they both *********** while I would watch. After years of doing this she opened up to me and told me she had messed around with a few guys while I was away in the military like I had requested. We probably had the most intense and passionate sex after she told me that. I wanted to know every detail while I pounded away at her. After this I think it hit home to her that I wasn't joking. We ended up planning a trip to Hedo III in Jamaica to try to live out this fantasy in person. One night while we were there she saw a decent looking guy and started to flirt at the bar while I watched from a far. After flirting for a while she came over and said they were going for a walk. I followed from a distance using my old military skills. I watched as they went to his room. After 5 min she came out and was surprised that I was waiting. She said that they were going to have sex and asked if I wanted to come watch. I came in and watched/videoed him and my wife messing around then having hard passionate sex. Afterwords I took my wife back to our room and had toe curling sex for hours. I found watching him go to town on my wife and hearing her moan to be so arousing. As of recent to curb both of our sexual deviance's she will go to a male ***** club and feel up the strippers then come home and tell me about how turned on she got while I pound her. I think she has really started to enjoy this. She asked me today if it would be alright if one of her old friends came by for a visit. She gets so turned on in bed talking about what she wants him to do to her while I watch. Maybe I will update after the encounter!

abottom abottom
26-30, M
Mar 15, 2010