My Wife Has A Steady Boyfriend And I Love It! :d

I convinced my wife to take on lovers but she mentioned that she would rather have a single steady guy because of health reasons. She found a well hung guy from her work who was constantly flirting with her.
She told me about him and asked if It was fine to start dating him. I agreed and told her to go ahead immediately. She dressed in a short black dress without a bra or panty. That night, they both met up at a hotel and ****** the whole night. She came home the next day and told me that he was 6 feet tall, well built and had a huge ****, which was 8 inches long and 3 inches thick. Her ***** was leaking of *** and her neck, boobs and *** was covered with sexy lovebites.

She now has regular bareback sex except on her fertile days with her boyfriend. Sometimes, he comes over to my house, takes my wife to the bedroom and ***** her all night while I sleep in the guest room. Other times, she stays at his place on saturdays or sundays and spends the whole night making love. They have even gone on vacations to the beach where they apparently ****** on an abandoned seashore. This has been going on for several years and I LOVE IT! :D
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Dec 16, 2012