Wife Sucked And Swallowed Two

After ******* her hard, my friend Tom was about to blow his load. He pulled out of her and moved quickly to her face because he wanted to shoot across her sweet face. Before he could though she grabbed his **** and put it in her mouth. He came hard, growling, thrusting, pumping his *** into her mouth. When he finished, she turned to me with her mouth open to show me the load, then she swallowed it down. This move was a surprise because she NEVER swallows. But for some reason she did this time! I said- okay if you swallow Toms you have to swallow mine. She said fine! My wife has not swallowed my *** in many years - I *** too much she says. But she was in a mood this time. She grabbed my **** and sucked me for a brief few minutes until I erupted a very thick large load of *** into her hot wet mouth. Some of it ran out the corner of her mouth, but two swallows later she gulped down all my ***. Two guys *** she had swallowed in just a few minutes. Wow! She has never done it since but, damn, what a memory I have!!
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My wife met a guy for tea a few weeks ago. It was suppose to be a quick meeting. She ended up going to a hotel and giving him two blow jobs and swallowing both times. Then she came home and blew me and swallowed. She was quite happy with herself.

"...nice, big **** also wants 2 empty his balls..."

would love to see her pics, will you add me?

Wow thats a hot story

With her hot body who would not shoot a load after load. Thank you for adding me. I wish you lived closer.

I wish we lived closer too. I'd figure out a way for you to seduce her.

Maybe one day on a trip. :)