She Loves To Flirt

Last night, my wife met me at our favorite pub.  I got there ahead of her, and looked around for a table.  I caught the eye of a customer of mine, and he waved me over.  His name was Craig and he invited me to sit with him and since the place was near full I agreed.

My wife showed up a few minutes later, and sat down as I introduced her to him.   A couple minutes later, my phone rang and I had to leave to take the call as it was too noisy at the table.  When I arrived back, I noticed my wife well engaged with this guy, and she had her arms on the table with her **** sitting on top of the pushing them up to reveal some serious cleavage.  They were laughing and giggling, and his eyes were clearly fixed on her ****.  I sat back down and joined in the chat.  My wife excused herself to use the ladies room.  While she was away, he commented on how gorgeous my wife was.  

My wife returned and sat down, and I noticed she had un buttoned one or maybe two more more buttons on her knit top, showing even more cleavage.  I was getting very aroused and I think Craig was too.  I excused myself again to make a call, and stood in the hall where I could watch.  They continued to chat, and my wife even reached over and touch his hand at one point.  She was clearly aware that Craig was into her.  Shortly after I returned Craig had to leave to pick up his son from soccer.  After he left, I teased my wife and thanked her for being such great eye candy.  She laughed and said, "my pleasure". 

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wow dude, I just came across your stories and am really enjoying reading them. it's like i'm reading my own story or what i wish was my story. <br />
<br />
like you i've been trying for a while. she's come along ways, but i swear sometimes it seems to me like she'll never fully get there.<br />
<br />
read some of my stories and you'll probably think she's come far enough, but not for me.<br />
<br />
anyway let's chat sometime about it. it's only my favorite subject. some might say i'm obsessed, but i doubt you would. i'm at coywink@yahoo.

There is hope. When I consider how far she's come and how more and more comfortable she is with dressing to please, I suspect it will eventually happen. I'm trying to be patient.

Very nice tease, kudos to your wife

The tease can be very stimulating and is a pretty hot even if it doesn't go all the way. It is my guess there was at least three people cumin to the events of the afternoon…maybe more if they were watching. :-) dc

Very nice night and she is wonderful eye candy! I'm sure everyone had a splendid time.