I Love It When My Wife Flirts With Other Guys

My wife is a sexy 48 year old Latina.She looks 38.Has long blonde hair and a nice bubble butt and d cup breasts.Shes gorgeous and guys stare when we walk into a room.She always wears low cut tops and skin tight jeans or mini skirts and high heels.She loves the attention of other men and she knows it makes me really hot when she flirts and gets them going.It started with me letting her dance with admiring guys and her and I getting really horney as she got the guy all turned on by letting him feel her up and hold her close.She got very excited when a guy would get hard and press against her and I would be like a rock watching him seduce my sexy ,naughty wife.Eventually we had a mfm ********* and it was mind blowing watching her and another man reach shattering *******.We shared her and each of us really got off incredibly.We now love our new found freedom and I share her every chance we get.
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Same here! Great fun!

Thank you.Wish you were in the northeast.The last time I watch our male friend with my wife,I was stroking it as he slid his very thick 8 inch **** into her *****.My wife moaned and begged him to **** her hard and to go fast and she started ******* quickly.I was stroking myself and shot all over my belly as he groaned that he was shooting off into my wife.She pulled him deeper into her and whispered to me that she could feel him ******* inside her.We took turns with her and I also licked her silky filled puss.Very hot time

Thank you.I really get hard when she **** with a well hung,guy who is aroused by her.She loves to be seduced while i watch and she is very much admired by guys.It started off where she just stroked the guy off in the car while sitting between us as we took turns kissing and feeling her and he got her off with his fingers.The next time,she sucked him off to completion while he lciked her to ****** and the third time they had full intercourse while I watched and stroked myself off