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Our Very First Flirting Experience


Dennise has always been a huge flirt. She had flirted in front of past boyfriends which often led to unwanted anxiety in the relationship that apparently were not very stable. She was learning to avoid those conflicts by being a bit more subtle in her flirtatious ways. She knew I enjoyed watching her dance with other guys and girls. I never reacted poorly, always supportive. I encouraged her when she wore sexy outfits and provided suggestions for outfits to carry when we’d head out of town. She still was worried I couldn’t handle real flirting and slowly tested the waters over months. I slowly discovered her excitement for dares. I would dare her to small ways and could see she really enjoyed a little push and even more, her competitive side took dares seriously. Our trip to Spain was sure to be exciting. Her first time, my work time but we had play time too. We spent the first night in bars surround a huge square. Damn, I didn’t know there were so many squares! Lovely country, friendly people and good wine. Mmmm, wine is her weakness. I dared her to turn and talk to two men standing behind us and she did. She laughed and cut up with their broken English. She introduced me. A very jovial pair. I take it her loose top helped their friendly demeanor. As we headed out the door, the better looking of the two encouraged us hardily to return the following night as the crowds would be larger and more fun. We agreed. The next started the next afternoon while still in the hotel room. She was going through outfits to wear out that night. The red top came into view. I have to tell you this red top is so spectacular, I almost didn’t get us out of the room. It’s hot beyond belief. It does not allow the wear of a bra, my favorite kind of outfits and it is thin enough nipples are prominent when the “head lights turn on”. At all times walking creates a sway to her breast that defy anyone to turn away. Dare Two: You must wear the red top! She accepted admonishing me not to get frustrated if men pay special attention to her during the evening. She was still a little worried I would be like past boyfriends. Remember the comment about so many squares? That tripped up our plans for returning to the same bar. We looked most of the evening as she had had such a good time and knew I was comfortable with those two. Around 11 pm we gave up and grabbed a cab to head back towards the hotel’s side of town. We drove by a place called “Friendly’s” with a bit of a line waiting to go in. The driver indicated it was a fun bar for locals. He dropped us off at the corner. Oh yeah, seems in foreign countries, if you’re accompanied by a hot blonde the line doesn’t apply to you. The looks we got as the doorman signal us into the bar as soon as we walked up. I rather like that rule. A bit smoky for my taste but most European bars are. A nice but small dance floor, big bar and a good mix of mostly 20s and 30s. We found an area to sit. I went to the bar for Vodka, another of her weaknesses, and Red Bull. No, I don’t know what that’s called but I wasn’t worried, I couldn’t speak Spanish anyway. She had already found a group to talk with. Five girls all there apparently for some sort of celebration were offering her shots. I love when she does shots. The girls could speak pretty good English so they were all having fun. Guys in Spain apparently are not intimidated by women in packs. The dark haired young man that approached Dennise could have been around 25 but no way was he older than 30. He didn’t hesitate inviting her to the dance floor and dancing the way Europeans do. If you’ve not seen, Europeans don’t have the same restraints about personal space and he crowded her personal space a whole lot. I didn’t stare, I didn’t want anyone uncomfortable but I caught her looking over often to check my reactions. The young man didn’t hesitate putting hands on her shoulders and *** as they danced. She never saw me flinch. I kept a big smile and always waved friendly, I was as Friendy’s Bar of course. Dennise came back and wrapped her arms around me. “How are you doing”? I smiled big, gave her a big kiss and told her I was enjoying everything including the dance floor show she allowed to take place. She kept looking for any signs of stress on my part and saw none. Dare Two:      Time for a kiss.  I don’t think she thought I was serious but I just stood there. A dare is a dare. She took a huge swig of the Red Bull drink and walked up to her new found friend standing at the bar with his buddies. She turned on the flirting a little more. They would occasionally look my way when they could tear their eyes away from her top. Apparently it was a funny group or she was feeling no pain because she’d laugh at everything said which caused her breast to sway. Even from the distance, I could see her harden nipples poking through. Back out to the dance floor they went but this time went to the far side. I couldn’t really see them there. They danced several songs together. No, they don’t play slow songs at Friendly’s in Spain. After about the fifth song, I saw her pulling him through the crowd back my way. She walked with him to his friends at the bar still holding his hand then dropped it and came my way. She was looking at me inquisitively. “Well, did that satisfy the dare”? What, I couldn’t see anything across the room. Did she even kiss him? She laughed. “You had to see him kissing me; he pulled me to the side of the dance floor and was almost making out” Nope, not a thing. She turned and walked back to her friend, took his hand and pulled him towards the stairway leading to the bathrooms. She stopped, looked back my way to ensure I had a good view, reached her arms around his neck and pulled him into a wet deep kiss. His friends were also looking and quickly looked my way for reaction. I think they were thinking they might have to stop me. This wasn’t a small peck, this was a full opened mouthed, hot body rubbing kiss. He looked my way when the kiss broke. I guess not seeing any adverse reaction; he took her hand leading her down the stairs towards the bathrooms. Going out of sight was a bit more than my nerves could stand considering safety aspects. I walked over to the top of the stairs. I could see the two of them standing below. The make out session was in full swing now as his hands roamed over her body while they remained locked in a kiss. This was okay; I knew there wasn’t much that could happen out in the open like that. I went to retrieve my drink and stand my post. Hm, where were they now? Neither was in sight from my vantage point. I started down the stairs. Only two girls leaving the ladies room passed by. They did not come back up the stairs of that I was sure. One other room off to the side but no sign of them there. Hm, into the men’s room I went three urinals and two restrooms with full length doors. One was closed. I stood against the urinal as another walked in to pee. The closed door opened a smidgen. There stood Dennise with her back against the wall and the young man kissing her neck. I could only see the top of his head as the door was only open a few inches. She looked my way catching my eye. She smiled as I saw his head venture lower pulling her top downward exposing her breast. He was sucking her nipples alternately. She loves her nipples sucked; it’s like a direct fire of electricity to her *****. Her hands were around his head holding him against her breast as he sucked. His hands were working to undo her belt and two of us standing at the urinal witnessed her belt fall to the floor. I could hear the other guy suck in his breath as we both had a full view of one exposed breast, his mouth locked onto the other. His hands were working to undo her jeans and slide them down. She reached down preventing them from coming all the way off. His hand was rubbing the outside of her panties. Her hand returned to his head on her breast and held him there again encouraging him to suck harder. Her head moved back and her eyes closed as a finger slide beneath the thin material. He slid sliding deeply inside her obviously wet *****. One of her hands slid down his body. I couldn’t see with the door opening so small but it looked like she was rubbing his pants near his groin. I could see he was achieving his objective as her body started rising with each of his strokes. His mouth locked over hers and his finger slowly slid in and out deeply. I felt a bump behind me and thought I’d been standing at the urinal too long. As I backed up I realize the audience had grown somewhat. Of the four guys standing there, no one made a move for the urinal. We all stood watching the door opening. I think Dennise forgot all about me as she kept her eyes closed and her body moving to his rhythm. I can tell when she’s approaching an ******. Her hand starts to stroke quicker and her body starts to tense. Both were happening now. Even though I could only see the upper part of her arm, I could see the movements indicating she was rubbing his pants quicker. He broke the kiss and went for sucklings on her neck. Smart boy. As she approaches ****** that area of her neck becomes so sensitive. Mm, I think I heard her moan, oh yes, I did hear her moan. Oh wow, she’s really close. Her audience of four was mesmerized by the sight of her breast swaying and her leg propped up to allow him access. She came violently! I mean she did one of those deep groaning, body wrenching ******* that take over your whole body. Damn, the door shut. Why on earth would you shut the door now! After a minute of two I guess the other guys figured the show was over and did their business. I stood there unable to move. Five minutes, a whole damn long five minutes the door remained closed. The door opened, FINALLY! She walked up to me, took my hand and walked me out. I don’t think I could have made it on my own. Up the stairs we went. I didn’t see him yet. She grabbed her coat and we left.  
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I love this story. My wife is also a hottie but not nearly as flirty as I would like her to be. I've been working on that.

Damn good story.

Wow - an incredible couple of evenings. Denise is one sexy playful woman and you are a very lucky guy. That red top sounds fabulous, do you have a photo of it? Would be great to get something like that for my wife.

very nice...wish I could have seen it too!

So what do you think went on during the five minutes the door was closed? Did you ask her and did she tell you?

Wow! Very hot story! I am a voyeur too,this make me hard wishing it was my wife!

Very well done

Fun girl. She is definitely a hot one.

Great story, made me stiff!

Great adventure! We loved it! So hot!

Great story and even greater pictures. Keep posting.

MAN...I would have *** just watching my g/f in your wife's shoes. I love to watch and hear her with another guy. Your wife sounds really hot!!

Did she jack him off or suck him off really quickly as a thank you ?

Denisse, the life of the party! She's welcome at my place anytime!

Wonderful. Must try the dare game in Portugal in a month or two

She was a bit evasive about exact details but she did tell me he was larger than she had expected from their teasing upstairs in the bar area. I got the impression she has a feel or something while they were flirting up there around his friends. <br />
<br />
When she cracked the door open, he had her top pulled down and his mouth on her nipple going crazy. It was just cracked a little so I couldn't see much more than her against the wall at that point

Thanks for sharing. Sounded like you both had some great fun.

Thank you all for your positive comments. We'll be posting more pictures soon. i want her to pick them out. <br />
I have to get off my butt and tell of other great adventures we've had. She's ******* out of her shell lately.

incredible story! love to see my wife do this!


Love this my **** hard just imagining it!! I bet you had a mess in your pants after watching her in that bar!! Next time you head to a bar....I'd love to be there.....and be the one she gets off on, or watch as she does another! Sounds very, very hot!!

damn! i pictured the whole seen in my minds eye. it was fantastic!a woman who flirts, usually only flirt. your wife on the other hand has moved to the next level. she loves to flirt, but, with your encouragement, she will go a little further than flirting. (getting finger ******, well, it's just not what we call flirting) but all is good! my dear friend, you no longer have a flirt on your hands! you are a blessed man, that beautiful creature is nothing more than, "A HOTWIFE"! damn you're a lucky guy! don't let her get away! keep us informed to more developments! we will make our analysis, and guide you to a whole new level of awareness, while we all ******** reading it! thanx!

Very hot experience.

Holy **** that story made me hard! Would love to hear more about Dennise!

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