I think she is and the thought of it turns me on so much.
VinnyNYC VinnyNYC
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My wife started having an affair with a black man she used to work with. We eventually got into a swinging relationship with him for a while and what a turn-on watching his BBC sliding in and out of her mouth and *****!!! She enjoyed the MMF's with him a lot!

That must of been great.

It surely was!

That's a huge turn on,but what makes you think she is ?

She has a friend from work that is always driving her home when they all go out after work for drinks. Usually on Thursdays. A couple of times she came home real late and drunk. When I started having sex with her she seemed much wetter than usual and kinda loose.

She's ******* him,what a turn on.
Time to get some interracial ****,maybe something with white hubby watching or partaking.

Yes I have already watched some. Gotta say it's a huge turn on.

Does the wife watch too ? that's how I got her to admit to wanting BBC !

Yes she watches IR ****. It actually gets her all worked up. She has a Mr Marcus ***** that's her favorite and she usually plays with that awhile ******* several times really hard watching IR **** before I even get to **** her. I actually love watching her take that big ***** all the way. When I finally **** her it feels so good. Her ***** is usually soaked and very loose which I love the feeling.

That's so hot,I normally go in first,just to open her up a bit,so she can take her BBdildo without any pain.Then she goes to town with it,ramming it in to the hilt while I watch.

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I am sure she's love to meet me ;-)

I am sure of it also'
Louise CD

My wife has been ****** by a black man and I heard her yell when he ****** her real good.I think it was the best **** she ever had.
Louise CD

I love that idea too. It think that would be great.