There Was Almost A Time

A few years back when my wife was still working, in the days before she became a stay at home housewife she used to work in a popular retail store. There was a guy that worked there briefly that caught my wife's fancy. He was of middle eastern decent, though I'm not sure exactly where from. He was pouring on the charm to her and my shy wife was eating it up.

I have always encouraged my wife to explore anything that she found tempting,or exciting. As far as I know she has never taken up my offer and I'm pretty sure that if something had happened along the way that she would have told me because she knows it turns me on and what a thrill it would be for me.

Case in point, when she had started to warm up to him a little and he started a little light flirting, the first thing she did was come home and tell me all about it. I of course encouraged her to flirt back. To my surprise she actually did and was excited to get home and tell me all about it on the days when their scheduals had them working together. Before long the banter was getting pretty heavy between them and he was making barely vailed propositions to her and she was starting to respond. I wanted to see this guy that was so skillfully getting to my wife.

We used to chat on the phone every day for a few minutes. Still do it to this day! Chat about work and stuff. She loved to tease me on the nights that they worked together. She doesn't see real well at night and doesn't like to drive after dark. So I would go pick her up. I started going to get her a little earlier and would cruise the store, trying to scope out this mid-eastern romeo. What a stud he turned out to be. He was nicely muscled, dark brown skin and an arrogent aire about him that gave you the impression that nothing ever bugged him, including shamelessly flirting with a nother mans' wife. In fact he had no compunctions about flirting with her right there in front of me!

I scoped him a few different nights and it became clear to me that my wife wasn't his only target up in that store. That turned me on even more for some reason. Maybe it was because he saw my cherished wife as nothing more than a target of sexual opportunity, or maybe it was because my wife found him alluring enough to basically compeat for his attention with the other girls. Whatever it was it doesn't really matter because just when she was getting good and revved up by him he moved on to somewhere else and they didn't work together any more. Too bad too because she was getting pretty close to the breaking point and I'm sure he knew it too.
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What a story maybe it just wasn't meant to be for him and your sexy wife .

great scenario

Hopefully you can encoaurage your wife to be had by middle eastern guy soon