My Wife ***** A Black Bull

MY wife met this black guy with a ten inch ****. She ****** him for a couple weeks then told me. She showed me pictures of his **** and them *******. I was turned on and told her she should keep ******* the guy. He ****** my wife in the ***, mouth, every hole. I let them **** at our home. I gave him the ok to have other men **** her, to pose nude and go to parties at motels to **** black men. I loved it
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8 Responses Dec 28, 2010

Good for you!

She sounds like my wife, except I don't have any say in the matter.

i'm that kind of wife, my SO had been bringing out my wild side...i'm glad he enjoys it i love to share him and he shares me, just found out i'm expecting my lovers child , i'm with my man 100% guess my lover will know its his when i have my black baby . we are happy to see others share our each his own. and yes we wanted me to have another mans biracial child , we want 3 kids different dads by me . hubby wants 4 and i want him to seed a black or asian women for no 4 or 5 one for each. i want to have asian baby also.

how do you get them to admit to it all?

My wife and I would like to have her seeded! A black man would be fine! It could be anyone really...asian, hisp. we don't care! Please let us know if you would be willing to **** her bareback and leave your fertile ***** inside of her belly! Thanks!

Sounds like a bunch of BS

Thats they type of wife we all would love to have.

Very hot when are you going to let her get pregnant by black men