My Wife's Boss Wants Her Soooo Bad

My wife has worked for the same man for nearly four years almost as long as we've been married. In the beginning when she went for the job we were both excited that she got the job. The pay was good and we were able to buy a nice car with her first year's bonus. My wife is a very very sexy woma. She has long sexy legs and would often wear skirts and sexy stockings. At work dressed in business attire she is every man's dream, including her boss.

I would love to see my wife and her boss having sex but my wife would never allow that to happen but there are things she has let him do that she doesn't know that I am aware of. A couple of years ago at her Christmas party her boss gave her a kiss under the mistletoe that lasted longer than she would normally have allowed. ever since then he has been after her body. I know this because we email each other ever since I met him at a dinner dance he invited us to. He danced with my wife alot that night leaving me to chat with his wife. She had no idea what he was doing but I could see clearly how he looked at my wife, how he held her hand when they went to dance and also how he rubbed his body into hers on the dancefloor.

At the end of that night we got to talking and i told him I fantasized about her with other men. he told me about the long kiss. He told me she pulled away but he pinned her up against the door of his office and kept his lips on hers for a good minute. She didn't reciporocate but he wanted her to. I told him she never would but we started emailing each other and talking about his fantasies about having sex with her and my fantasies about him doing her also.

I sent him some naughty pics of her and he promised to tell me everything about how she made him feel and it excited me.

After a while the emails slowed up and i wondered what was happenning. i asked my wife about work but she said nothing then one day i got the email i wanted. He told me that he was in her office and she was sitting at her desk. He said he could see her sexy black bra every time he bent over her shoulder. He said he had a ***** and pushed it gently against her arm. I was so turned on then he said he rubbed her shoulders and she let him massage her. He said he started over her shirt but then worked his hands onto her neck then inside her shirt feeling the bare skin on her shoulders. He then started feeling around her neck at the front and slowly edged his hands inside her shirt. His hands were both on her chest sliding slowly donw to her bra when she stopped him and stood up.

I was so aroused by this and when she came home she didn't mention it. Later that month he tried it again but she stopped him even earlier that next time.

Then another time when they were alone he felt her leg and she didn't flinch so he kept feeling it and she said nothing. Then when she stood up to go and get a file he followed her and touched her bum when she bent down and again she said nothing. I know she wouldn't do anything with him but perhaps because she loves her job and he is her boss she doesnt say anything or perhaps she likes it.

Anyway it wasn't until recently that he managed to get more from her. He tried the massage again and this time he really rubbed his ***** against her. He described in detail how he felt in his email as he rubbed himself against my wife. He started as before really slowly but when he slid his hands around the front he went fast right down her top and onto her bra. He said she flicnched a little at first but he just kept his hands there and had a good long feel then went back to the massage.

Now he goes into her office for a massage all the time and has even slipped a hand right inside her bra!
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So what has happened with your sexy wife and her boss? Or with anybody else? ;) Has her choice of work clothes changed? she wearing shorter skirts, low cut tops, leaving more button undone than she use to?

Any updates?

O M G!! What an incredibly hot woman! Gorgeous body and those legs go on forever. You have to take more photos of her, dressed in the sexiest thing she has worn to work and replaying what her boss does to her... Thanks for the add.

Great story - love the development, her change in attitude and reaction to his advances. It will not be long until she lets him have her. Do you talk about that in general with her at all? Telling her how hot you think it would be for some other guy to enjoy her wonderful body? She looks fabulous in the profile photo - would love an add to see more of her.

crazy as it may seem my wife's boss started coming on to her.he is a tall gooky homely man,smokes a pipe that stinks. she noticed that he was bumping in to her a lot and once cornered her in his office and tried to rub his thing against her. . she tells me all about the escapades with him and i get hot and hard which she loves and then we have sex. one of these times she is going to let him have her ik now. she has seen his manhood more than once. he has been bold enough to show it to her. teasing me she tells me how big and long his thing(she calls it) is. she lets him explore a littlke of her body.... teasing him. she knows i love this......

Has she done him yet?

I think you are overdue for the follow up to this story...what e-maild did you get from him since?

This has always been one of my biggest turn-ons, my wife getting ****** by her boss everyday!

Very hot story, it sounds like your wife is opening up slowly. I will look forward to the next instalments

That was hot, just like everyone, I got excited reading it...I hope to read more!

Wow that sounds hot I got a hard one reading this reading this story hope you get your wish. Good luck