My Wife's Ex-boyfriend's Huge ****....

My wife's ex-boyfriend has a huge **** and my wife loved it. She always talks about it. Even when we have sex, my wife likes to mention about how big her ex-boyfriend's **** is campared to mine. I know she wants to **** him again. I just have to get them together! That would turn me on to watch them ****!
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I am 7.5 which is certainly more than enough, but even I know that some, well many women from time to time need a big ****. She is trying to tell you politely to go talk to either this guy or someone with a big **** and bring him to her.<br />
<br />
I think if you have a brain in your head you will bring 3 or 4 and see if you can get to be the first *** man, to open her with your smaller ****. When you feel that huge **** up inside her, while she rocks forward and backwards, you moving in rhythm to her as she slides back you go forwards to meet her.<br />
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More than a few of my girlfriends after they married, I would visit and they and their husbands, usually some junior classmate, would submit to me. You know the idea of a group of men regularly visiting and pleasuring your wife is exactly what you have always dreamed of having.

do you still let her **** his big ****

I love it when my wife talks about how big and satisfying her ex boyfriends **** was.

My wife deserves a huge ****. It is so exiting to see her get it good, then I clean them off.

My wife is still ******* her exboyfriends big ****.I told her if she wanted him to service her it was okay with me.He is beginning to stretch her out and it turns me on so much.

In my contacting other guys who like me were humiliated, only to find they enjoyed it, I wrote back and forth to a guy who when 17 in the UK at high school, was slapped real hard a few times by two girls. though he was athletic, they knocked him down, and as he attempted to get up, they ******** him of his shirt, p.e. shorts and tighty whities in front of 25 of his classmates.<br />
<br />
During the laughter and pointing, one of the other girls gathering around pointed at his manhood and shouted out, that's not a XXXXX, that's a baby carrot. (He was hung like a 7 year old.)<br />
<br />
He said that half a month later it was a very clensing experience to his psyche, though having a lot of girls he had to see in his community knowing what he looked like nude and that his equipment was not mansized was a humiliation that revisited his mind in horror for a long time.<br />
<br />
I wonder if you ever did what you wrote about, whould you feel "clensed" in your psyche.

yes i have watched my wife **** her ex italian boyfriends big **** she love it the lucky bastard<br />
has a 12 inch **** my wife sat on it all night he made her *** so many times on it and drank his ***<br />
when he fired off on her.