My wife’s ex boyfriend (Derek) has been suggestively contacting her on Facebook. They were friends-with-benefits for years, but never actually had sex (she sucked him off on several occasions). Now, it’s obvious that he wants to **** her, and she feels the same. She wants to “tick off” that unchecked box in her past. I wouldn’t mind if it became a regular thing, mainly because it’s low-risk (he’s only in the country once a year for Christmas at home). Her issue is that she’s put on weight since he last saw her naked.
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I would love my wife ******* her first boyfriend again

Derek has been living in Germany, but is moving back to the states (within 1000 miles of where we are). My wife is already makig plans to spend the weekend with him in a hotel room halfway in-between.

Thanks, O99. My wife is using this as motivation to get back into shape. She wants to look good for him (not me, which really turns me on. In bed, she constantly talks about how much she misses the feel of his **** in her hands and the taste of his **** in her mouth (and how he used to make her gag). <br />
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Your point is well taken, though. I'm sure they have seen Facebook profile pictures of each other, and it really isn't going to matter what they look like now (15 years later). He knows what I look like, so I've dared my wife to send him a picture of me playing with my tiny erection with the caption: "Call Me".