My wife has one ex boyfriend who lives out of state that she dated off and on for several years. Most recently she dated him immediately prior to dating me. He bought her so many sexy outfits, she has almost two dressers full of stuff he bough to see on her. I recently got a sneak into her Facebook and noticed that she was continuing to talk to him sexually most of the time she was dating me. The messages kind of trailed off around the time we got married. About a year and a half ago he and a couple friends came to town for a football game. Thinking it was over I didn't raise too much of a fight when she wanted to join them for dinner, as I know they were all old friends... Well that valentines day I bought her a very hot outfit for her and I to enjoy... I was a little surprised to see a picture of her in that outfit sent to him in a private message in Facebook. She sent it to him with a message about she thought he would enjoy the picture... He replied that he was going to enjoy it more in person and would she wear it when he came down... The last message from her stated that she was looking forward to thier time together too and of course she would wear it for him...

Not knowing these emails existed before a few months ago, I didn't suspect anything when he came to town... I know that she went with him to hang out one night and I can only imagine what went on...
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Oh yes, bet the other friends got some of your wife too. Can't wait to hear the rest!

yep, if she hasn't, she is thinking about it. for sure. lolol

This sounds exciting, I am eager to hear what you find out?

lets see the pic