I'm Not Sure If I Do ...

My wife was completely under the control of the first guy she ****** - he could pretty much talk her into anything, and she was there whenever he wanted. He was also a complete *******, and 15 years older than her.

After we married we moved a little way out of our traditional area ... but closer to where the ex lived. In the 25 years since, my wife has seen him around the area four times - it's a major city, and the odds of that are freaky - and each time she's sure he hasn't noticed her, but she certainly recognises him.

The latest was yesterday, while she was shopping. She almost steered her trolley into him in the market!

When she came home and told me, I didn't quite know how to feel. I know the hold he used to have on her, but I'm quite secure with what we have and I don't think he'd have any sway over her now. I asked her how it made her feel to see him, and she said "Kinda weird. Not exactly guilty, but awkward seeing someone I'd 'done it' with".

I have to admit, though ... the thought of her getting one from him 'for old time's sake' (with me watching) is kind of an erotic thought
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When you say he could pretty much talk her into anything, what sort of things did he make her do, or to let him do to her? It is amazing how women sometimes respond to ******** -- I guess it is the "bad boy" image, and giving up responsibility for what she does. I understand the erotic thoughts that come into your mind thinking about her with him -- it's a weird contradiction; like holding two opposing emotions at the same time.

It turns you on in a funny way

I would love to know that my wife was still ******* her former boyfriends

you should persuade her to meet him for a drink one evening, and see where it takes her, he should be able to control her again !

Maybe we should have moved away from the area where we grew up ;)

A couple of weeks ago she came home and told me that she'd seen another guy that she dated "back in the day" - once again it was at the shopping centre, and she said she recognised him but she didn't think he recognised her.

I said "Do I know about this guy?", and she replied "I'm not sure; I dated him a few times, but nothing happened."

Later that evening when she was in the bath, I probed a bit more. "So when you say NOTHING happened, he didn't do anything with you?". She said "Well of course SOMETHING happened, but it wasn't major. I don't remember if I just pulled him off or sucked him off, but we didn't ****."

To her, that's "nothing happened". Good little ****.