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The (local town) couple probably isn’t going to work out.  She really just wants to **** me.
Pamperurft was asking about you ... wants to know if you have any plans with your sexy feet.
Terry (not guy shy) wants to have sex with you (us) and I very much want for us to meet him.
Jeff (38 yo stud) wants to help me pleasure you to your max and I want you to experience his sort of joy.
The scavenger hunt at the swingers' club on Saturday night could be a blast ...

So pick your stud and let's play!

I’ve been thinking about the webcam :) !  We have Friday night to ourselves and ...hmmm what sort of trouble could we get into?

Love you baby!

PS ... I’ve made myself so horny telling you my desires, I NEED A BJ! :)
married2bf married2bf 46-50, M 1 Response Jan 20, 2011

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:) Yeah... She always has a plethora of possibilities as I line ‘em up like a ba<x>seball manager in the bottom of the ninth. She’ll choose option 7 (not listed) a slow comfortable screw with the man that spent a month vetting her choices.