Fantasy Of Wife ******* Young Guys

i've always had a fantasy of my wife ******* young guys. i would like it to really happen someday

we have a family friend that have an 18 year old son that's getting ready for college. he's spends the summer with us. on the weekends my wife starts going down to fix breakfast and clean the kitchen in the mornings in her silk bath robe. then very quickly she starts going down in her robe nude underneath. she would let her robe slide open letting him see her naked body before she retied her robe.

very quickly he started to get aggressive with her. he would aggressively walk by her and untie her robe so her robe opened up showing her naked body. my wife would giggle and slowly close her robe making sure he gets a good look at her naked body and tells him to stop that. every weekend morning my wife keeps going down stairs in her robe naked underneath.and every morning he playfully but very aggressively untied her robe and she let him seeing her naked. my wife would never stop him. she would giggle and slowly retie robe. making sure he gets a very good look at her **** and *****. she would tell to stop that but she made it clear she enjoyed his attention.

then very aggressively he started to untie her robe and hold it open so she couldn't retie it. she would just giggle trying to retie her robe
but he wouldn't let her. then he started to pull her robe off of her and she would just stand there naked asking for her robe back.then one
morning he pulled off her robe and reached out and started feeling her **** and *****.all my wife did was stand there letting him and asked for her robe back. she'd just giggle and say stop that.

then one weekend very aggressively he untied her robe and pulled off her robe and started kissing her while feeling her **** and *****.
she would tell him stop that but she wouldn't stop him.
then one morning he very aggressively pulled her robe off of her and pinned her against the counter kissing her and grinding his pelvis against her naked body. he had his tongue in her mouth and she was rubbing her tongue on his. she acted like she didn't like it but she didn.t stop him. then he went to his knees and licked and kissed her *****. she told him to stop it but she didn't stop him. she figured he cummed in his pants. i was always upstairs awake but listening.

the next weekend morning my wife goes down stairs in her robe and he was already up and in the kitchen.he had on just his boxers. she was pretty sure she knew what was going to happen this morning. she walked into the kitchen said good morning.he just walked up to her and very aggressively just pulled robe off her and threw it to the floor. pushed her against the counter and pinned her while grounded his half naked body on her while quite forcefully was kissing her. she could feel he's all ready very hard.she said he'd better stop but she didn't stop him. he reached down and pushed his boxers to the floor so he now was finally naked too. he leaned back into her and she finally felt his naked **** against her naked body. he had her pinned against the counter very hard but she wasn;t trying to escape.he rubbed his **** on her ***** while kissing her. he was very aggressive with her but she never really tried to stop him. she had already cummed once. she told him that i was upstairs asleep. he pulled into the familyroom and layed her down on the floor and said he didn;t care. he was going to **** her today and she nor i was going to stop him. she wasn't going to stop him either. by now she wanted his **** so badly she couldn't wait for him to drive his **** into her *****. she loved playing hard to get and loved his young aggression.

he held her to the floor but she wasn't trying to get away. he laid on top of her she quickly straddled him and spread her legs so his **** was now against her *****. she raised her hips so his **** head started to disappeared into her ***** lips.
she moaned and said he'd better stop but her ***** by now was so wet and she was pushing her ***** down trying to get his **** deeper into her *****.her ***** was begging to get ****** by his hard thick young ****.

she again said that i was upstairs asleep. that just made him hornier and with that he drove his **** deep into her ***** with one thrust.
they laid there feeling each other. him with his **** deep into her ***** .her with his **** deep into her *****.she again said he'd better stop that i was upstairs but by now she had her legs were locked on his butt pulling him as tight as she could into her.

he started riding her *****. he was ******* her harder and harder. she said he'd better not **** her bareback but she wasn't going to stop him. he fuckedher for a long time. longer than she thought he could last.she kept telling him that i could wake up anytime.that just made him **** her harder. she loved the feeling of his bare **** pumping her *****.she kept telling him to stop but he knew she didn't want him to stop.she again said that i could walk into them anytime. what she didn't know was i told him to **** her.

then she felt his butt tighten and he pushed deep into her.she knew he was going to ***. she couldn't wait for his *** to pump into her *****. she told him not to *** in her ***** but she never released him. as he was deep in her ***** ******* she again said what if i walk in.

he said that i would see my wife getting ****** of her life. they laid there as she felt his *** ozzing out around his **** she told him that he couldn't do that again. he told her that he was going to **** her he was going to **** her every weekend till he leaves and she was going to beg him to **** her. he told her that i couldn't **** her till he was gone. he was the only guy that gets to **** her.

she told him they couldn't **** bareback and *** in her ***** again. he told her that he was only going to **** her bareback and she would like it. she knew she wanted it that way.
by then they got up she grabbed her robe he went to his room. i was listening on the stairs and walked in she had her robe back on stanging by the sink.i walked and kissed her good his *** was running down her legs.
i acted like i didn't know what just happened

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Mature women and much younger men are my biggest fantasy. Fortunately it really happened with my wife.

good wife!!! she needs to bring him up so that you can help him put it in!!!

let him do it man,

i really want this to happen now