They Are Now On Their Vacation

We left our place and picked up Eric at 8:30 AM and then it was a 45 minute trip with traffic to BWI. All the way out to the airport, they made out just like a couple of newlyweds. They remained clothed,but he did lower her blouse, she did not bring any bra's with her, all bra less dresses and tops, and sucked on her nipples. I saw her hand inside his pants and she was holding the "sexy tool" that would soon change all of our lives forever.

As they made out, I heard them say I love you so many times, I lost count. At one point she told Eric that she can't wait to make him a dad and he told her that she is going to be the best mom to "his children".

When he used the plural children, I nearly came in my pants.

We did make it safely to the airport, despite all the distractions. Kathy gave me a goodbye kiss and it was really sweet. I knew that unless something really is wrong, the next time I see her she will probably be pregnant, altho there would be no test yet.

The trip is two hours, they took off at 11:00 AM so they arrived around 1PM and its now nearly 3 PM so they should be in their suite, making love. Eric totally ruining her ***** for anyone else ever, and both of them just dreaming of the future as parents.

I know a few members of the EP think what Kathy and I are doing is crazy or reckless, but it is our lives and it is also the chance to enjoy some of the hottest sexual fantasies for real.

PaulWSloppyS PaulWSloppyS
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2 Responses May 4, 2012

It is not so much crazy or reckless because you both want this and Eric is seeing it as his way to recover what he lost. I cannot stress enough the importance of your building your own bond with her if you want to keep her. Women's feelings require nurturing and reinforcement. If the only one reinforcing her feelings of love is Eric, then Eric will take her away because he is not so into "sharing" her. Whatever else may be true, whatever gets fed is what grows. You will want to do something special for her when she gets back from her honeymoon with her other husband. You can keep a woman totally loving two men, or even more, but each man has to keep doing the things that made her love him. A woman does not stay in love on her own.

Good luck. Sounds like she will have a great vacation. Look forward to an update on her return.