Away For Her B-day

My wife's birthday was last week and her boyfriend took her on a romantic getaway to celebrate. They both took off work friday so they could leave thursday night and have a 3 day weekend. He rented a honeymoon suit on the beach and lined up a bunch of couples activities for them. They sent me a lot of pictures over the weekend. mostly of the two of them doing couples stuff. Waking on the beach, sightseeing and kissing and stuff... i got one picture of her on her knees wearing new lingerie and kissing his ****. I also got a picture of his birthday gift to her, a heart shaped promise ring that she has been wearing in place of her wedding ring. They got back late last night and stayed at his place so i havent had much time to talk to her about it. Hopefully i get some of the details soon.
fb1891 fb1891
22-25, M
May 23, 2012