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If you read my stories you will understand this better, I have been trying to get my wife to **** other men for a while now, but have had no luck, it has just been over the last couple of weeks she has changed a little she would never go out without wearing a bra or have a see through dress on, so last week we were at home playing pool just the two of us, it was hot and she was wearing a dress, so told me she was not wearing any panties which was very strange for her, even we were at home alone, so during the night I won most games comming to the last game she said to me we should play for something, She said the winner can either make the other person do or say anything and the looser has to do it (I am not saying i am a good pool player but i did win most of the games) This mad me think she new I would win and was ready for the bet, after I won she thought I would ask for a bj or a **** or something along these lines, I told her the next time we went out for drinks she would have to wear a dress and no panties under her dress, well she never thought I would say this but she was willing tp pay up, Now this is the strange part the next night she said lets go out for drinks tonight, This was very strange for her to be so open,
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Hope u had a chance to go out with her to a public bar (no panties )! Remember guys, it was for a night with you which just means that, nothing more. I know my wife could do this but depending on her mood , it's not an invitation for other guys to try and **** her. hope u got to play some pool and maybe have other guys join and get teased . I know that would be fun! maybe keep the conversation about her teasing other guys....! Next time , maybe add another guy or friend of yours that she trusts or likes ... Good luck

you will so love it once she starts to **** other men. it is so hot. hope she **** many many men for u

hope it turned out good & led to more fun.

Did she follow through? The thought of my wife going commando is breathtaking. let me know what has transpired.

Ding ding ding, I smell potential major advances might be made sooner than you think if you're cool and handle it right? Don't push her but let her think she is making this happen at her pace, but make sure you love your "new" naughty wife!

I'm with Jazzman lol wtf u doin writing on here?!! Get hungry!!! ;D

looks like your lovely wife is going to make your fantasy *** true very soon..grin