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When my wife and i met 20 years ago I was the first who penetrated her anally. We did analsex even more often than vaginal sex. But after motherhood we stoped analsex completly.
Reason: we are getting more and more connected to the Hot-wife/cuckold lifestyle. From the stat of our relationship my wifes enjoined lingery(suspenders/bustier), stockings, high heels and feminen sexy dressing.
Since we started our new liefstyle our sexual interactions get reduced to my oraly satisfying her and she wanking me off. or she is mastrubating with ****** in front of me(vagina/anal).
Dressing wise she started to even wear sexy dressing to work. Also some minor details in her dressing changed:
the bras and bustier became smaler some times half-cups, her stockings are only seamed once now, the heels are now 1-2 inch high(sometines even with platforms - I told her that is not appropriate for her age, but she only replies that this is fashion)
The anklet that I have bought her some years ago, she has started to wear daily not only when we go out.
But the major detail that she indicated was that analsex is completly our for me. She explained that her anus should get tighter again after so many years of me penetrating it. She wants to get the feeling that it si getting so tight as if is still virginal. So if she would allow anal penetration again. the lover would have a very arousing feeling of beeing the first. Also analsex is for some people a still very pervert thing. so doing this with somebody else for the first time would give her a very sluty-kinky image.
What do you thing.
hahnrei hahnrei
41-45, M
May 5, 2012