Our Agreement / Tricked Into Being A Cuckold

Her mother told me few years after it happened that I was led to believe the idea of trying a ********* was mine. She said women do this type of thing frequently, but the male ego just keeps them from recognizing it. The news was too late as I had already made my commitment.  Ultimately it was my choice and although I underestimated the risks, my loving wife was both open and detailed in advance. She has excellent communication skills and my choice was a well informed one, except for the fact that I was played.

It started when she brought home some erotica and **** that had some multiple partner content.  She kind of steered my interest to the topic by stroking my **** and showing an interest in ********** herself.  I asked her if she would like to have a ********* with another woman.  She said she just couldn’t and wouldn’t share me with another woman.  At the same time she was teasing me and keeping me from *******, stroking and licking my throbbing member.  Feeling a little frustrated and thinking with my **** about this time I thought I would try the other option for a *********.  My balls were about ready to burst and I was so ******* horny.

She was stroking my **** and asking me “baby does it excite you to think about another man’s **** in my *****”?  With the hot talk, ****, alcohol, the smell of sex in the room and desperately wanting to *** I said yes.  I have to admit the thought of her having multiple climaxes being pounded by another man while I watched was kind of a turn on.  I wanted to see that.  It would be like my own live ****. It certainly would be worth a try to find out, if she was willing.  That was before I climaxed.  Men are funny like that. All of the blood ends up in the wrong head.  After I came I wasn’t so sure, but she knew that.
She said “opening up our marriage requires a lot of communication honey and if you want to discuss it later you should ask, but for now the answer is a definite NO WAY”.  I thought she was leaving the door open on the topic so she didn’t kill the mood.

Later the next morning on Sunday I asked her if we could talk about it.  I always have an erection in the morning that lasts for about a half hour or so.  She wanted to know if I asking her to open our marriage?  I said no, I was just discussing a ********* with another man. “That is the same thing she said and there are risks that at this time I’m not willing to take”. She explained she might be open to it at a later date. She said, “for today the answer is no”. “You have to understand what you are asking for as well as what could happen if things don’t work out as you think they will”. “You know sweet heart, things rarely go exactly like you plan them to”, she said in a loving tone.

So we talked for a while and I explained the thought of seeing her with another man was a turn on and that I wasn’t wanting her to **** anyone while I wasn’t there.  For me it had to be a shared experience or nothing at all.  There I was again, not totally awake and with a massive erection that totally clouded all of my good judgment.

 She said that anytime you bring outside people into a marriage it is an “open marriage” and subject to the same risks as an entirely open marriage.  Half open, partially open, open it still has the same affects, both good and bad.  Since the good parts are obvious we needed to discuss the parts I might not expect.  She had been in an open relationship before, so I trusted her and was eager to listen.

She explained her concerns and understanding as well as telling me more than once, “don’t get confused thinking if we do this it will be at all fair for you” and “I won’t share you with another woman”. She went on to explain. At some point in time if I opened up our marriage I was going to get hurt. There was a very good chance things might not go exactly as I wish because there are other people involved and it’s unreasonable for me to think I can control everything, everyone and all of the feelings involved. These are very complex situations. If I could deal with my emotions the benefits might be worth it. When I got my feelings hurt I needed to remember that I asked for it, not her. She reminded me of the ole adage “be careful of what you ask for because you just might get it”.  She said if we do this there is no undoing any of it once we start down that road. It isn’t something that you can just turn on and off. She would not tolerate that from me.

She went on to explain other risks. The worst thing that could happen is that she could end up finding another man that could rock her world more than me, although she assured me that was extremely unlikely and she would do her best to keep that from happening. She just wanted me to understand that her ******* another man was risky because there was a “possibility” it could stir feelings in her she couldn’t control.  She might like ******* other men so much that she might end up ******* whoever and whenever she wants and might not stop.  She explained it would be my fault if that happened to her, not hers.  I asked her if she would be able to stop if I asked and her answer was “I might not want to stop or be willing to stop”.  “Neither of us know”. The thought of my pretty petite little wife being so taken by having strange **** in her ***** that she could end up powerless to stop was both exciting and frightening. She wasn’t saying that this was going to be the way it was, but we needed to discuss risks and ground rules such as this was NOT an excuse for me to cheat by sleeping with other women. She will not tolerate that under any circumstances.

She explained that if I “made” her open up our marriage I might have to take responsibly for what I had done to her. The emotions I was opening up in her were extremely powerful and I shouldn’t expect to do that to her and then just change my mind because of my feelings. If she was going to expose herself to emotions that strong she needed to control of all aspects including when she ******, who she ****** and most importantly when she would stop ******* other men, if ever. She couldn’t guarantee that she could just turn on and turn off her emotions at will. “If you ask me to open our marriage you will not ask me to close it and expect me to just do as I’m told”. She said, “frankly, I don’t think you are up for that. I am certainly NOT going to say yes today and I think it is best if you don’t bring this up again. I don’t like to be teased or to have my emotions played with”.

Like a lot of men I heard her words, but I wasn’t listening to what she was telling me.  I understood that I hadn’t thought through all of feelings involved.  At the time it was kind of like ****, being something that I could turn on and off when I wished. I was thankful for her explaining how strong everyone’s feelings might be.  I had a lot of confidence in her ability to keep it to ********** like I wanted.  Later I also gave some thought to not being able to stop her from ******* other men when she wanted and if her emotions got out of control.  It seemed simple, I just would drag my feet in setting up a date and that would be that.  After all from my perspective she needed my cooperation.  Ultimately I knew she was right that I was stirring up some strong feelings. I accepted that it was only fair she be allowed to process those emotions in her own way.

My feelings of jealousy were something I hadn’t thought much about prior to our talking.  I wasn’t entirely sure how that would work out.  I did know that when I was single I had feelings like that and was able to manage them.  It seemed that this would be easier because it would only last a few hours and after he left it was back to normal with the two of us together again.

If it didn’t work out like I had planned and she ended up ******* someone without me being there because she had a need for other **** or intimacy, it was only a natural consequence that I invited. It didn’t seem to me that it was very likely to happen, but it was fair.

So a couple of months later it had totally slipped my mind.  She brought home more ****, erotica and with a splash of alcohol I felt bold enough that I thought I could somehow seduce her into my three way fantasy. Somehow I thought it was me who was using alcohol and **** for her seduction. The fact that she was able to pick up the conversation exactly where we left off with perfect clarity or lack of hesitation should have been my first clue. 

I told her I had thought about what we discussed and wanted to have a ********* with another man.  “Are you asking me if I will open up our marriage, she said”? I responded with “well just for a ********* and only if they are with me”.  She said “we discussed the risks and my conditions. I know you
understand. If we do this there will be nothing fair about this for you. If you are still going to ask me to open our marriage I will do that with you sweet heart”. “Is that what you are asking”?   I was so excited and thrilled I could hardly stand it and responded with a resounding “yes”.  I recall the conversation with perfect clarity. I thought I had made it perfectly clear that this was just for a *********, but looking back I realize what I committed to. I was on the hook and she was reeling me in.

Little did I know I had just been played. She now had my explicit permission to **** who she wanted, when she wanted and could continue ******* around for as long as she wanted.  What a power play and I fell for it thinking my timid little wife and I were just going to have a ********* or two. I had no idea this was going to be a total lifestyle change.

We had our fist MMF that weekend and it was a total turn on.  Before the month was over she was coming home with that just ****** look and my tiny little bride wasn’t as tight as she normally was. The guy we had a ********* simply wasn’t big enough to stretch her like that.  I was so relieved he wasn’t’ much bigger than me, but that’s a different story.  She certainly had enough time to tighten back up.  Before she fit snugly around my **** and entering her was almost like putting a tight sock on your foot.  Now all of the sudden I had to go in at an angle to generate the same friction. We didn’t have any large ******, so how did that happen?

When I did laundry I started noticing her panties were showing more stains than usual.  I assumed it was because we were both just hornier than normal. I guess I was right about that! Then she bought new sexy panties and through the rest of her panties out. It was if she was ushering a new age. She showed me her new panties when she bought them as well as taking great pride in explain that she had enough to last two weeks.  She handed me the old ones from her dresser and asked me to pull the others from the dirty clothes and them throw them out.  She kept the styles and number limited so it was easy for me to remember. I’ve always had a good memory for women’s panties, but who can forget what two weeks means. I did most of the laundry so 14 new pairs I had assumed was a favor for me since I preferred to do laundry on the weekend.  I suspected something was up because she stopped separating out her clothing and left the chore for me. I couldn’t help but to notice one week when I did the laundry that three of her panties were heavily stained with what very well could have been *****. We hadn’t had sex that week and one of the pairs was still totally damp with a sticky mess that had a very pungent ***** type odor. I think that was the pair I saw her in earlier. She must have just taken them off after having come home and before she got in the shower. Could it be or was it just my imagination? She knew I was doing laundry and she didn't do anything to hide them. Didn't she think I would notice?  Even the jeans she was just wearing were damp and stained. That must have been one exciting visit to her mother’s house? I counted what I had to wash and what was in her dresser and she was missing two pair.  Where could they have gone? How does that happen?ricked

Then the following Monday when she came home and I greeted her in the driveway she gave me a big deep kiss, not at all like her normal welcome home glad to see you peck on the lips.  It was the tonsil swapping deep passionate type kiss only intimate lovers share. There was a strong taste of *** and kind of a bit of viscosity, so it was most certainly very fresh *** and it obviously wasn’t mine. So when that happened I knew for sure.  Gee she must have blown the guy less than a block away and held in in her mouth for that to happen. What a **** and I’m such an idiot cuckold. My male pride really got the best of me. I certainly didn’t expect her to transform into an instant *** ****, but I was so intent on dominating her that I’ve made myself into a sub **** and have found myself on the end of more than one of her boyfriend’s dicks. She seems to have the ability to talk me into anything and I fall for it every time.

What’s crazy about it is I asked for it.  It was my choice to let her **** other men and to give up the right to ask her to stop.  Although I was tricked it was in the end, my choice and something I’ve learned to live with. I just want to make sure she is happy and has what she needs. I love her. 
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go find a girlfriend and tell her you two are having a ********* and no is not an option. See how your **** reacts to bring her head out of the clouds. Tell her mother about the idea and you are going to let everyone know you have an open marriage . Let me know the outcome.

You gave up your right to be an alpha male and let your wife **** real alpha males and rub it in your face

Sounds like the perfect wife to me

YOU can't love her, to love someone else you must first love yourself. LOOK in the mirror is thst a man you love no,Stand up be aman the one you were.tell her to stop or there's the door. or be the woos she made of you


You have a very hot wife and you are very lucky. My wife and I are exploring our sexuality now. So far, it has just involved another guy and another couple. She hasn't done anything on her own even though she has my permission. This morning she was very clear to me while she blew me that she was free to **** someone if she wanted to .. but i didn't have that privilege unless she gave it to me.<br />
<br />
I hope you both stay happy and horny in your marriage.

When I first posted here I got women telling me how unusual it was. Later I picked up a lot of men saying it was much like that for them. Some others commented that after some reflection they began to wonder if the idea they convinced thier wife of wasn't entirely thier own. It's so easy for a wowman that is willing to share a little with her man to convince him to let her do as she wishes with who she wants. My guess is that my wife tried several times before she got me where she wanted me.

I think she likes getting men hard and mostly reserves that for her. I'm not sure why she occassionally has me at the end of a boyfriends ****. It seems something that perhaps occurs between them in conversations I don't know about beucase I've never noted any reluctance on thier part. Doing bi with me and another man is almost always after some ******* while girl on girl is always before any *******. Oh I didn't mention she likes to make out with girls and likes them to go down on her. She's a bit of an attention *****.

Do the guys ever do any head-job favors for you?
Do you get to **** her girl friends? Get head from them?

I read your latest story -- how much of your 'duties' to her include servicing her boyfriends? <br />
<br />
Does she use you as a 'fluffler' to get them hard?

And that's the trade as I see it. We would never have hooked up if she was disinterested in sex and as with many couples sex started to loose it's attraction for her. "We" found a way to hold her interest. As long as I get ****** with vigor frequently.... I'm not sure I like servicing her boyfriends or her friends knowing I'm a cuck, but I get off a lot. Most of them probably don't.

Ah -- imagine having a wife who is totally disinterested in sex.<br />
<br />
I read of men in your situatyion, and think - maybe I wouldn't care as long as I'm getting ****** and sucked a lot too.

She can't get knocked up and if anything sex is more frequent although we spend a lot of time apart because of her "dating". She still gets off a lot when we do it, it's just that she likes to **** different men and likes to **** most every day of the week, sometimes several times a day. it isn't always like that, but she is a bit of a nympho. I guess if I could get off like that I would be too.

Well - she still lets you **** her -- right? Then you just got a slutty wife who likes to **** and suck.<br />
<br />
If she asked you to get snipped so you couldn't knock her up -- would you do it?

Great story... some very close to how it is/was for us...

great story......

i don't know if i should be happy for you or sad for you it sounds like you didn't want this<br />
if you didn't then i do feel bad for you

She has a lot of options to relieve stress.

Sounds like my life

Great story. I'm not sure I believe it, but I was very ***** reading it.

So nice of you to free up your wife's time by doing the laundry. Now she can have more fun at her boyfriends home. Those boyfriends must really be big ones, too to stretch her out that quickly! Or are you that small?<br />
<br />
Soon, she'll be having you lick her clean. Won't that be fun? :)