My Wife And Her Best Friend

This happened one sexy day when my wife's friend Sue joined us for drinks. During the drinks Sue admitted she liked my wife so I took it quickly forward and sat them together and put my wife's right hand on Sue's left thigh and Sue's left hand on my wife's right thigh. I then guided their hands making them caress each others thighs and then I made them kiss each other and play with each others *******. I put my wife's right hand into to Sue's panties and Sue's snd hand into wife's panties. Once they felt each others plusses they went wild with love and lust for each other. Their kisses became so loving and passionate as they made each *** finger ******* each other. I loved it as much as they did. Then I led them to our bed and I undressed them both and begged Sue to **** my wife. I begged them to tell each other him much they loved each other and their *******.

My wife panted how much she loved Sue and that she was a better lover then me. I encouraged my wife to tell Sue just how much better she was at ******* than me. It was so sexy to hear my wife gasp and pant just how much better her ***** was than my ****. She gasped "girls are so much better then boys. I love you Sue." They so many ******* I lost count. They ****** for ages.
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Nov 27, 2012