Caught Her Looking

This happened on a wonderful holiday I took my lovely wife Vicky on. As we arrived at the airport there was a coach waiting to transfer us to our hotel. As we sat on the coach I noticed my wife looking at a couple just infront of us. The wife was very pretty with long red hair pale skin and tiny breasts. I didn't think that this meant anything but liked taking a quick look at my wife to see if she was still looking at the couple. I hoped that she might be eyeing up the wife but didn't think she really would be interested in other women. Then as we signed into the hotel I noticed my wife looking for something and when she saw the red haired woman again a look of relief filled her face. Other the next few days my wife looked at this woman secretly trying not to let me see you eyeing her. Then something happened that took me by surprise this woman approached me when I was on my own and said to me "Do you know that your wife keeps staring at me?" I admitted that I did and that I thought my wife was a closet lesbian. I felt a surge of sexual arousal when she blushed red and laughed saying that she was a lesbian and that her husband didn't know. I then said "Do you like my wife?" She flushed redder and admitted she did so I offered to help her get to my wife and admitted I all I wanted to do was get her and my wife together as lovers. I felt a surge of excitement as she laughed at me and said "Ok." I then said "Plaese order me to bring my wife to you and help you seduce her." I begged.

"Ok. You asked you it. I order you to bring me your wife and give her to me before I have to steal her from you! Do as your told I am making you give the woman you love to me so that I can **** her. I must warn you that I will **** so much better than you can and when I have finished ******* her she will not be interested in men and definatelty not in you." I thanked as she left me when she saw my wife approaching she told me her name was Diane. It made my **** so hard to watch my wife looking at Dianes hot ***. Later that day my chance came when we went into the sauna and found Diane sitting alone in an empty sauna. My wife went to sit opposite Diane so that she could peak at her breasts when I wasn't looking so I made her sit next to Diane. I waited for a few minutes and then as Diane's breasts were pointing towards my wife I pushed my wife gently so that her breasts touched Diane's. A soft gasp of pleasure came from my wife's mouth and as she tried to move back I stopped her and then gently moved my wife so that their breasts rubbed gently together. My wife just went limb and sighed with pleasure as I pushed her head towards Diane's and whispered "Go on darling kiss her I want you to kiss her and I know you want to kiss her." I pushed my wife closer and closer till her lips touched Diane's making her kiss the woman she secretly wanted to be with. I took my wife's arms and wrapped them round Diane and encouraged my wife to hug, kiss Diane.

After they had been kissing for a while I made them play with each others breasts and then took my wife's right kissed it and placed it between Diane's legs and got my wife to play with Diane's ***** and the got Diane to play with my wife's *****. I loved just sitting back and watching my wife make out with a girl she had lusted after for so long. I panted in an excited voice "Go on Darling admit it you wanted her. Admit it you love her and love her body. Please fall in love with her and take her to bed and **** her. Tell me she is better than me at making love." I loved watching my wife then make love to a young girl as I watched and listened to Vicky my *******. My wife panted and sighed and she said "Yes darling I love her and am falling in love with her. She is so much sexier then you and she pleases me more than you."

Vicky admited that she wanted a lesbian wife but wanted to stay with me but only as long as I slept in the spare room as she could only sleep with girls.
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Dec 7, 2012