In The Hot Tub

My girlfriend Brenda and I met at work. We still work in the same building, on the same floor. We met a mutual friend at work as well, a guy named Tyler. Tyler and I became pretty good friends, golfing on weekends, hanging out watching movies, etc. I also discovered a while ago that Tyler has a cottage out at a beach 40 miutes out of town. The same beach where I happen to have a cottage. I've been over to his cottage a few times, having some beers on his deck, or in his hot tub he has out there.

Last weekend my dad had come to visit. He lives in another province, so when he comes to visit he stays out at our cabin for a few days. My girlfriend and I were out there, along with my dad, my brothers, and a few of my dad's friends. By the time we all finished supper, there were 6 empty bottles of wine, and countless beer cans sitting around. Needless to say, we were all feeling pretty good. I get a text from Tyler on my cellphone and he says we should come hot tubbing. This was around 11pm. By this time my dad's friends had left, and I knew my dad would be going to bed soon, so it would be a good time to leave. I told Tyler we'd be over soon.

We arrive at his cottage at about 11:30pm. Tyler grabbed a couple beer, and a couple glasses for my gf and I (for another bottle of wine I brought with us), then it was time to jump in the tub. All of the cottage lights were out, but the hottub has interior lights that cycled through various colours. Time passed without much incident for the first few hours. My girlfriend and I finished off our bottle of wine, and Tyler was running low on beer too.

I was in the lounger seat of the hot tub and Tyler and my gf were in a conversation about where she grew up, etc. I had mentioned to Tyler once before about sharing my girlfriend, but he had always laughed it off as if I were joking. At one point my girl friend looked over and asked if I was sleeping. I wasn't, but my eyes were closed and I was very relaxed. I decided to pretend I was sleeping. I would open my eyes periodically during their conversation and I could see Tyler was very drunk at this point, and moving closer and closer to my girlfriend. I was getting really turned on as thoughts raced through my mind as to what might happen next and he kept moving closer.

Maybe he wasn't quite drunk enough yet. He moved across to the other side of the hot tub, away from my girlfriend. I was a little disappointed, but sat up and joined the conversation for a while.. Tyler got out of the hot tub shortly after that to grab another beer. He set it down on the table beside the hot tub, and then went to pee off the end of the deck. As he was making his way there he said "Brenda, take your top off!" We both knew he was joking, as he says this to a lot of people. I was pretty drunk at this point as well, and turned on from the thoughts I had earlier. I moved beside my girlfriend and started to pull up her bikini top. As soon as she realized, she moved her arms in front of her and started squirming, trying to resist. Eventually I got her top up enough that he breasts were exposed, but she was still using her hands and arms to cover herself. I grabbed her arms and pulled them apart, pinning them behind her back, and she floated on top of me, her breasts fully exposed above the water. Tyler just noticed as he was climbing back in to the tub, and obviously sat down right next to us. He kept saying how magnificent they were, as I was encouraging him to feel them. He was a little hesistant at first. I moved one from behind Brenda's back and started massaging her breast. Tyler could do nothing but stare at them. I moved my hand away and encouraged him again. "Really?" he asked.
"Yeah, go for it." He moved his hand over top of her breast, floating about 3 inches above it. "Okay, I'm going for it" as if expecting someone to speak up but no one did. Finally he dropped his hand down and began caressing my girlfriends boobs. He moved his hand away and I let Brenda go. She put her biking top back on properly and moved to a seat beside me.

We continues with random conversation for a while, with Tyler throwing in comment here and there about how much he liked them, and eventually told me that I should do that again. I moved over to my girlfriend again, and this time, undid the clasp behind her back, and pulled the top over her head. I set the top down on the edge of the tub. Tyler picked it up and threw it on the deck about 10 feet away. Now she would have to walk over there topless to get it whenever she wanted to get out. For the rest of the night she was topless, and sitting in between Tyler and I as we were both groping her breasts. Tyler mentioned that his shorts were uncomfortable, so he took them off. At that point, I took mine off too, and shortly after, I took off Brenda's bikini bottoms. We were all naked, Brenda inbetween us. I didn't know this until the drive home, but after her bikini bottoms came off, Tyler's hand were all over her constantly, and he was rubbing up and down her leg, groping her all over and always feeling up her breasts. We were like that for about another hour, so by the time we decided to get out, Tyler had been groping her all over for about 2+ hours. Unfortunately, my girlfriend is not on her birth control at the moment, otherwise I am sure it would have been a lot more interesting. But we have more hot tubbing planned for the weeks to come.
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great story!

great story!

great story!